Free family services: everything you need to know

The crisis can occur with every family facing challenges, so that in all Lithuanian municipalities free, comprehensive family services are provided: positive parenting, help provided to survivors or displaced individuals, family-enhancement activities, and mediation services in out-of-court disputes.

Parents who participate in the above classes but have no place to leave children aged 3-6, up to 4 hours. Day care is available. And family members who do not have to enter the classroom by private car or public transport can be kicked out from scratch.

Services are provided by municipalities to the families of the European Union. For the purpose, 2016-2020 were allocated a total of 21.16 million. euro

It is important to emphasize that these services can be provided to all families requesting their local community. In other words, this means that the family does not have to meet specific criteria or social risks.

Where should the family apply?

If the family feels they need help, the first step should be to contact the social welfare department or the social services of their local community and ask which specific institutions should apply for comprehensive services to families.

What services can be provided?

1. Positive parenting is a service provided to families who want to improve their parenting skills or gain them.

Groups of fathers usually last from 10-15 to parenting and group meetings reach 8-10 times. One parent group meeting takes about two hours, providing insights into child development and needs of different age categories, setting boundaries for children, development of child's self-esteem, and emotional intelligence.

2. Individual help for people experiencing a crisis or experiencing traumatic emotional experiences such as illness, loss, divorce. Help can also be provided to families. This includes social, psychological, psychotherapeutic assistance, pastoral care, as well as helping to overcome addictions to psychoactive substances, games of chance,

It should be noted that individual aid is more often searched for by women, but men who are equally suffering from stress, stress, divorce or other difficulties are also asked to ask for help. Individual counseling and training help the person survive traumatic experiences, find their way from difficult situations, overcome personal difficulties, take responsibility for their lives.

3. Family skills training is a series of group activities, training and management of family financing, family club activities, family camps, informal help.

4. Mediation services are out-of-court mediation of civil disputes for the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

This service is very useful when a family or person needs practical help in the face of a conflict. If individual counseling is not conducted through individual counseling, the mediation service looks for a specific solution by associating family members and others who are able to help and discuss how to solve a particular problem.

5. Short-term childcare services – up to 4 hours per day for all parents raising children aged 3 to 6 (from 6:00 to 22:00). Childcare is guaranteed if the parents receive the other services listed above and have no place for children to leave.

6. Storage services – provided to persons involved in the abovementioned activities and can not, for example, suffer inadequate access to public transport or private transport.

The list of services provided by each municipality may vary slightly, depending on which services are most needed in a particular location, but there must be at least three types of services in one municipality.

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