Ice hockey players will have a Baltic league

<img src = "" width = "100%” alt=”Dainius Zubrus wants the Baltic League to run throughout the season.” title=”Dainius Zubrus wants the Baltic League to run throughout the season.”/>

Dainius Zubrus wants the Baltic League to run throughout the season. Orestes Gurevičius (LŽ) photography

Deep hockey clubs from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will compete in the newly-established Baltic League since autumn.

The new project was presented yesterday by Dainius Zubrus, the president of the Lietuva Ice Hockey Association, together with Aigars Kalvičius and Estonian Rauno Parru.

Only four clubs – Elektrėnai "Energija", Vilnius Hockey Punks, "Iron Wolf" and "Kaunas Hockey" – compete this season on the Lithuanian ice hockey championship.

This year, "Energia", a prominent player in the national team, did not get to the Belarusian second qualification when it chose to compete only for Cuban youth teams.

Therefore, the practice of international competitions for electricians is particularly important.

According to the project, the new Baltic League season will start in October 2019. There will be 8 clubs: four from Latvia and two from Lithuania and Estonia. They are divided into two groups 4 and a two-wheel system. Interestingly, these groups will be named after the famous ice hockey players of Latvia Sandys Ozolinis and Litevci Darius Kasparaitis.

After the two strongest clubs in each group, they will be in the final of the Quartet in one of the cities of Latvia, revealed by the strongest team in the Baltic League.

"Ice hockey is the most popular sport in Latvia, and I am sure that for our clubs it will be a very useful experience and an opportunity to improve," Zubrus said. – In the future, we would like to expand the tournament to include more teams and the race will be held throughout the season. But it still requires a lot of work. "

The strongest regional club in "Dinamo" in Riga does not play in these competitions. Rigans traditionally compete in the Continental Ice Hockey League (KHL) and move their NCO team to the Continental Leagues (MHL) Youth Championship.

In any case, the hockey championship clubs will be the favorite country of the Baltic League.

"I hope the first final of the fourth tournament is not only Latvian," said A. Kalvitis. "Lithuanians and Estonians are also advancing, and therefore they should compete for ours."

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