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In Britain, a man fired three bottles of whiskey: public works waiting for him

How the Portal Publishes Ananikovis fled to her home after the incident. The accident happened on December 18 last year.

The police found blood on the steering wheel of a VW Passat from R. Annaik's car. At the time he was inquired, blood flowed from his nose, said prosecutor Daniel Church.

"Lithuania admitted it was him – he was driving without insurance and driving license, and asked what we would do or detain," he said.

The man later told the officials that he had not mentioned anything about the detention.

"He admitted he was drinking three bottles of whiskey on the eve," the prosecutor said.

Ananikov denied running down the pedestrian and said he didn't think he was driving the car himself, but admitted that no one else could sit on the steering wheel.

He injected 87 micrograms of 100 milliliters into the microscope.

The probation officer, Lucy Harrison, said Mr. Anikikov had taken full responsibility, even though he vaguely remembered the events of the evening.

"She has been living in the country for four years, is diligent, has no problems with alcohol or drugs," she said.

A 22-year-old Lithuanian, through an interpreter, admitted driving without a drink or driving license. He did it on Thursday before entering the Mansfield Court.

Referee Andrew Meachin decided to give him 12 months of public work, 100 hours of unpaid work.

Ananikov also lost his driving license for 20 months, but offered him a special course for a drunk driver who dropped to 152 days after hearing if the course was heard by June 2020. t

Lithuania also has a fine of 520 pounds, will have to pay 85 pounds of court costs and 85 pounds of state fees.

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