In the Kaunas group there are disputes over "housing"

Conflict in multiple families: per capita replaced the pipeline, and payment of "housing" requires everyone. People complain that no work has been done in other flats.

Unexpected Account

On the day "Kaunas" appealed to Draugystės g. 4. apartment building. She complained that she had received 90 euros for exchanging tubes with her neighbor. A woman hurried to seek justice, but "housing" is already threatened by bailiffs.

"On the fifth floor is a neighbor who has changed the sewer pipes and hot and cold water pipelines for which the accounts come from people living on the first to fourth floor." I do not understand why you have to pay if you work in just one apartment. pipelines and neighborhoods on the fifth floor did not contribute much, and the workers also said that we would not have to pay anything because no work was done in our flats, "she said.

She repeatedly tried to contact a representative of the housing company to find out why she should pay but did not lose anything. They always lie and say we have to pay for all, but I read the law, it is said that if the pipeline changes to all the floors, then all flats using this water should pay but not when replacing only one apartment.

They did it secretly, they did not use us with us. This is a very serious crime because we, four people, have attracted so much. The other neighbors paid and I did not. Yes, our elderly and sick people are doing business. I do not have to pay only because the neighbors repair and I live on "- he did not like residents of the 4th house Draugystė.

We changed our waste piping at our own expense and the neighbor on the fifth floor did not provide any contribution.

All property

Representatives of "Būves valdos" for Kaunas Day have argued that stem pipes are the property of all residents.

"Pipes are joint ownership of apartment owners and other premises are allocated to the local network in the list of general building use objects, the responsibility for the work was not the owner of the fifth floor apartment, but the manager of the multi-dwelling – to replace the booth sections with valves," explained Arūnas Armanavičius, head of the building management department in the housing community.

According to him, Draugystės g. The description of the objects of general use of the 4th house assumes that the owners of the dwellings and other spaces that actually use the stands of the 4th house are related to local utility networks.

According to A. Armanavicius, the pipeline reconstruction fee is calculated in accordance with Article 4.82 of the Civil Code, which states: "The owners of dwellings and other premises must pay and maintain in accordance with the legal procedure of taxes, benefits and other taxes contributions."

"As in this case, according to the inventory of common use items, for repairing local utility networks, flats using the same building are flat, the area is the same, the cost of work for all apartments was divided into five equal parts," added the head of the Būsto valdos .

The fee is recalculated

As a part of the population changed the main pipeline at its own cost in the apartment building, Bûves valdos assured that this had been taken into account, so some fees were recalculated, and the owner of the fifth apartment paid for the work done.

"The total construction cost was EUR 479.27 When residents of the 18th, 21st, 24th and 27th dwellings reported that the drainage tank had changed at its own expense, on the basis of precautionary and fairness criteria, in August 2018 we recalculated the stand charge the waste water tranche of € 62.17 was allocated to a particular flat 30, and the remaining € 417.09 for subcontracts was divided into all five dwellings, "said A.Armanavicius.

The head of the housing management department said that in May, the owner of the 30th apartment turned to the building manager and asked for the exchange of cross-sections of the pipeline across the deck to the lower apartment. An inspection was carried out, the planned works were allowed to realize the intended work in agreement with the owner of the 27th flat. This work has been done.

"When the people had questions about the accounts, we were in contact with them and met live and repeatedly on the phone we gave all the details described above.In July, the maintenance technicians assessed the work done in the 30th apartment and in August when it was clear that the lower part of the drainage reservoir The inhabitants (18, 21, 24 and 27 dwellings) changed from their personal resources to four floors, according to the inhabitants of the 27th flat, the tax was recalculated, "repeated A.Armanavicius.

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