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Indicators of dangerous air pollution are changing: rain will have to pay a lot of money

According to the environmental pollution monitoring agency, average air pollution is recorded in Klaipėda, Mažeikiai, Panevėžys, Kaunas and Vilnius and low levels of pollution in Kėdainiai, Utena, Plungė and Alytus.

According to Zita Shilien, head of the Air Quality Assessment Agency, synoptic predictions have proved to be good, so air pollution is expected to decrease significantly over the weekend. “As the synoptic predicted, the mass changes in air traffic and air pollution have decreased. In some places, the rain also burst, but apparently very unevenly, it is probably not due to rain, ”said Z. Šilienė.

Medium or low contamination is recorded at this point. According to the expert, this is not dangerous because the average does not exceed the set limit. "Average – means exceeding limits." It is slightly higher than low or very low, but limit values ​​are not exceeded. It should be assumed that this is not dangerous, ”said Z. Šilienė.

Head of Air Quality Assessment Division noted that although we can currently enjoy reduced air pollution, indicators may change if the weather is still dry: "The weather continues to dry, so the concentration may increase again in a few days. But at least today we can enjoy cleaner air ”.

Z. Šilienė said that in the summer she suffers not only from drought but also from air. "The grass was already harvested, the trees were destroyed. If the drought is dry again for a month or one and a half – it will dry everything again, "said Mr. Shilien, adding that the same situation could be repeated after a very long drought.

Rain arrives at the end of the week

According to the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service, Monday in Lithuania will be clear and dry. The temperature will rise to 16-21 degrees Celsius

On Monday, there will be a lot of wind in the wind and on Tuesday will calm down, but the temperature will also drop to 1-6 degrees. At night, frost on the soil surface is expected to reach up to 5 degrees. The weather warms to 15-19 degrees a day.

On Monday, the country will be sunny, the hottest – in Kaunas and Klaipėda, where the air warms to 19 degrees, in Vilnius and Panevėžys the thermometer columns should rise to 17 degrees. Rain is expected on Thursday, but colder weather comes along with the rain.

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