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Lost Lietkabelis broke three halves of foggy morning in the morning

In this match, Lietkabelis deals with eight players. At that time, the villagers, having a much longer reserve bench, did not find three quarters in the rhythm of their game, a 20-point lead (65:45) left in defense of the hosts defense and at the start of a decisive quarter.

Two in the morning is a three-pointed dotted hope for guests, 7 minutes before. 57:71.

After Paul Valinsky's mistake, another 3-point was broken by Derek Needham (71:60).

Two successful "Lietkabelis" attacks broke guests' hopes (75:60, 5 minutes).

Arnas Butkevičius hit the colon with a foul, D. Needham successfully scored the colon and after another unsuccessful attack by Lietkabelis, Artiomas Parachovskis hit the colon with a foul: 3:30 min. the team scored only 7 points (75:68).

Zimec Dimec hit the penalty, Saulius Kulvietis scored three points and the team scored 12 points (80:68, 1:53 min).

The guests fought to the end, but failed to save the match. "Lietkabelis" won 83:74.

"Lietkabelis" went without Jamar Wilson, Simo Jasaitis and Stefan Sinoveco.

Soon we will.


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