Make-up artist: Winter gives an ombre effect to the lips, deep colors and comfortable lipstick

Lips are the ultimate and very important accent for make-up, so it's always interesting to watch where the nausea of ​​makeup lips. Make-up artist Vytautė Žaliskevičiūtė says that this winter was admitted with a lipstick of sharp and creamy composition, deep and rich shades and effect of ombre lipstick. For those who are interested in make-up trends, specialists appoint the most interesting direction of late autumn and winter make-up.

In cosmetics – colors of thick red, cherry and plum

The stronger the cold season, while the color of the window shrinks, the more you want them to play with cosmetics. What fashion accents can be inserted by color change? The makeup artist says that this cold brings dense and deep, even dangerous, shades of blood. Lips will look beautiful, highlighted in cherry or plum.

"The most fashionable lip-shaped images are created with a sharp and creamy lip-like structure, while the fashionable image of the lips is a" dried ", fine lip contour – ombre effect" – tells the woman.

I also reminded that trends are guidelines that are curious, but there are definitely no rules claiming that they are obliged to follow them. The most important thing is to discover the most beautiful colors that naturally "crack" on your lips.

It is important not only to regularly wet lips, but also to clean them with specially designed tools.

A quick mask for the winter

Make-up is decorated with treated lips and in winter it is very important to care for the cold wind. The craftsman will notice that one of the most common concerns about beauty is dry lips. Their skin is very thin, so only one or more people forget to tune the lip balm, the upper layer of the skin will split, bind and even cause wounds.

"In the cold season, you can make an intensive irrigation mask, apply lips with a thick layer of lip balm, and after 5 minutes, wipe off excess with a napkin," – says the expert.

In winter, lips can also be pampered with a soothing cream or vitamin-containing balsam. The makeup artist reminded that in the winter lip balm should always be used when driving on the field. By the way, even in winter recommends choosing sunscreen balms.

What make-up on your lips depends on Instagram?

Make-up artist notices that a few years ago this fashionable, late-mature lipstick fell this year this year. They were replaced by a wet, almost wavy texture. Is it interesting to watch how this has happened with the changing trends in makeup in the world? It turns out that Instagram is very influential.

"Luster, which replicates the glare of the mirror, is much nicer in the photos, which is why glossy textures are now trending, and what is popular in social networks will not be in the world of makeup," said the official.

And is there a great makeup mistake like summer shades for winter coloring and vice versa? The woman says that in the summer, manufacturers usually offer refreshing, "sweet" shades, lower pigment colors, and as close as possible to winter, color and lip colors become "heavier".

"But that does not really mean that summer can not be painted in the shade of lilac cherries, it all depends on your image and personality," says the make-up artist.

When you buy a fresh and dense, glossy lipstick, you will hit it in winter in the winter. However, make-up is your art, so if you dream of different colors, let yourself try it out. The greatest pleasure is finding a colorful game.

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