Male late Žemaitė – about the pregnancy of a serious woman: the pathology was very serious

Earlier this week, the world of entertainment came to the fore – a family resurrection awaits Gerda Žemaitė, a television rescuer, and her husband, television producer Andrius Žemaitis.

The handbags of the "red carpet" of the couple openly told what they had to meet.

It is true that although this pregnancy is very welcome, the couple do not hide that it is really very difficult. Although the announcements of Gerda's expectations had long been flooded, the woman had not publicly confirmed her. "Hiding something was not a goal – we did not help to enjoy it because pregnancy itself was not without complications," she opened.

"There were days when it seemed like everything was … And it's not a nice day, it's not a good time" – agrees with his wife Andrew. The rescuer himself remembered that when he was admitted to the hospital, the doctors revealed that the child was in serious danger. "One day it was urgent to go to the hospital and at that time there were different thoughts – and the worst ones – these days were absolutely critical and really very complicated," she said.

"There comes a niece, he brings this newsletter and says that everything will be gathered here," says Andrius hard.

But despite that, Gerda can not hide – he always feels that everything will be fine. "It's probably impossible to say how hard it is, how you feel, but what and what the medical staff said to me, I seem to know inside everything that would be okay, of course, I was in these days like an egg – Actually, before the toilet was a meter, it was only a meter and I entered, "- the familiar woman shared the experience.

Her husband, Andrew, revealed what he wanted to see such a woman: "I think three weeks are terrible, not in a few days, this 50-50 factor stayed for another three weeks, it was not good, the pathology was very serious. How I felt I felt so – I see how a child wants to go with a pregnancy test, a proverb, a closed nose, watch online ordering clothes … "- shared memories.

The producer is hiding – he will not be able to survive the second time. "Seeing her passage is probably the last time I could stand it, and that was the moment I even said – everything, there will not be more," he said firmly.

Since Gerda's first child was 22 years old, she was assured that she was her first and last child. But in time, she realized that the other child and the doctors encouraged him to get there – then it would be too risky.

G. Žemaitė says she will want to have a full-time child at the beginning of April. "I needed some changes, I'm not saying I do not like my work-I'm enjoying myself and doing it well, I'm very aware of it, but I want to look forward to staying at home," he says.

Still, her husband thinks differently: "I have no doubt that after a month they will say," Andrew, look at the nanny because I want to work. I say he will return to work after a month – I know her. "

The news portal reminds us that this will be the second child G. Žemaitė and A. Žemaitis have 4 children from the previous relationship.

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