"Masters in the League are coming for a long time"

2018-11-17 10:11:29

Soccer commentator Nerijus Kesminas about the social network has expressed his opinion on the past priorities of Lithuania.

"The Lithuanian football championships ended six days ago and all six days – and how many of them had been before – must hear the same question: what is stronger – Marijampolė" Sūduva "or Vilnius" Žalgiris "?

The answer is subjective, but inevitably this: it is clear that "Sudeva". What? Even simpler response – stability and consistency.

They speak clichés in Marijampolė – they say it's harder to defend the title than to win. No devil does not even think that last year the Sudoku team beat 4 white and this year only two points. Last year, the match suffered until the end of the season with Zalgiris. This year I can afford the luxury of losing to VIP contestants at the last race at home because everything was clear before.

Vidmantas Murauskas, president of the Marijampole club, says: this season was more difficult because last year, 71 gold was scored and this year Zalgiris became the 75th champion. And what? "Sūduva" gathered 77, because it did. Everything is exhausted.

It remains to talk about what is more important before the next season. About stability. They know how they will be in Marijampole. They know that the budget is 1.2, which is about one and a half million euros. They already have 12 player contracts. There is no doubt that the city will go in cash and other support for the club V. Murauskas because "Sūduva" is a business card of Marijampolė.

In Vilnius – otherwise. Capital, which is full of not only sport, but also culture, science, starters, has no business card. Or they have a stack of them, and in the queue for "Žalgiris" is far from the first. Although basketball "Morning" is an opportunity to tell the city's money, regardless of government, they are probably better than footballers. And the urban wallet is "Žalgiris" strongly dependent.

Maybe there is no operational cohesiveness of the Vilnius football club. Logic is: you want money – you have to win here and now. Aurelius Skarbalius, who started the season on the chair, spoke of a long-term project and seemed to believe what he was saying. But the hot summer came, love flowers, A. Skarbalius and "Žalgiris" – also. The coach was forgiven, the long-term project became a half-year trial.

Maybe because he has to win here and now. Perhaps because the Vilnius club, unlike Marijampolė, does not have a clear division of functions.

It's like an easy support for the logic of laws: the horse must stretch the rod, arrogance – hold the handle, the thief – to sit in jail. Oh, sorry, the last one is not suitable for Lithuanian football – no one was sitting for stealing it.

It is a secret to the public that a few years ago the football community was buzzed by V. Murausko, "Sūduva" was unfortunate because the president of the club tried to push and hold his hand. Football conditions – not only for administrative matters, but also for assembling the team that plays in the game. In Marijampole the situation changed with the advent of coach Vladimir Cheburin – now everyone is doing what he has to do.

It is a public secret that the football community repeats the same thing and speaks to Vilmus Venslovaitienė, director of the "Žalgiris". The time when the things you do not understand were handled by another director Mindaugas Nikoličius, he was not dead. And Žalgiris is no longer a champion.

Suspended history, it seems, will not be in the near future – champions in the league come a long way. Before the start of the "Sūduva" government, Žalgiris won four national championships in a row, Ekranas in Panevezys had five years ago. Earlier in eight of nine performances by Vladimir Romanov, FBK "Kaunas" shone with gold.

But not all historical analogies. "Sūduva" is the strongest because it is the strongest everywhere. Square Infrastructure. V.Murauskas promises that from the beginning of next year, the club will have a school for its children, not a deal with those who teach children to play football. In this case, Marijampolė will become the first Lithuanian city with a full European football pyramid. It would be desirable that they were not alone in a few years.

Many – and perhaps confusing – here is all signed, let's go back to the conclusion. First, Sūduva manages and is likely to manage in the near future. Second, it would be good if Marijampolė did not beat at least one "Žalgiris" in the square and at least several teams of similar caliber. It's hardly possible, but let's go to those whose mother is hope, "wrote N. Kesmin.

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