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NBA Verdict: Referees made a possible decision to win "Rockets" / News

Photo: AP-Scanpix

Photo AP-Scanpix

The Houston Rockets team, after the first half of the Western Conference final with the Golden State Warriors of Auckland, lost 100: 104, was angry with the referee. And it turned out he wasn't without reason.

Colonies are fired this season

The NBA has published an official report on the minutes of the last match.

It is said that James Harden's long shot, which was able to even score ten seconds, was correctly released without a foul.

But before they played the minute and ten seconds, the referees made a serious mistake by not catching Stephen Curry's foul.

She would defeat the defender for a foul limit, which means she wouldn't make a three-point lead over the Warriors.

Missiles hid their hate after the match and hung the referees' finger.

As Harden and Rockets coach Mike D & Antoni said, during a long break, he admitted they had missed four unauthorized episodes in two quarters.

"I'll try to be a polite guy because I really don't want to give them," said the missile trainer. – During the long break, the judges themselves admitted that they missed a few episodes.

They told me. They spent four episodes. It's 12 great throws. They can try to do their best. "

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Critics themselves are not surprisingly surprised that lawyers are wrong


good logic – if Curry were to have 6 passes, it wouldn't be useful because the ball would be on track and no one would do it. 🙂 zodziu circus expects such NBA reporters and their own theory. The essence is that the NBA leaders are too soft to deal with law enforcement equations and all the differences in interpretation of the rules, because now the athletes' playofs are crying with flopers that they no longer pull the trick that was in the season. For a long time, all Harden's ball dances, frog settlements and home swings had to be tolerated. now we have.


when every generation performs "go out" and artificially criticizes "api.pist" judge, otherwise it can't because lawyers aren't totally stupid and sees you trying to catch them every time and don't take punishment because you're not sure it was


recover if you start with such whistles, each defending against Duranta, who attacked after the punishment. Showing vertical lines, only one episode did not receive a Harden fine, in all other cases throws the feet forward and falls. And Klay descends into his zone. Until recently, such things were fined for attack, but the beard somehow fell out to pay. Another thing, after the first fall, the judges made it clear that such fines would not be a whistle when Stefan was missing or Harden. One of them did not do so even after the first attempt, the others did 10 crumbs. One hit, one shot. According to the game, one team plays, the other makes it unconscious by throwing throbbing hands. Therefore, GSW is relaxed and can play as a reggae season against this basketball joke. If you don't push and slander, max max will win some sum of 30 trajacs missiles.


I don't know … like on rockets, but if you have a good idea of ​​all the sources, I think it's a whistle rocket: / curry isvis all our season, because otherwise you are not able to curb and nobody before they wake up all righteous for his benefit because he is a favorite … Hardly froze and the actor burned the bridge. I'm sorry likes his style, but the act … spoils all the sports whims


I would say there are currently two NBA players who are treated differently for fines. That's KD because he won't let the ball keep him calm, but some Giannis, where the universe is looking at a fine to whistle against Harden; Boston says Gianni hit. Well, statistically, but the third dragon had to be six penalties. And the fact that he makes Harden is a parody, he liked it as a move and only raised his hands in the air, and with Klay stepped back, the band tried to get somewhere over the board: D


Slightly less than the rest of the game, maybe the grim giggle is now the whole body


let the Americans find the LKL finals and see the real referees' mafia


Everything aisq with nba same shudai since jordan when lawyers whistle in nba for numismatics. Then the paints went, then the heat, now the warriors. I still remember Saturday on the second supis blazer sansus laim nba title that these two lakes have their first title wins


where is the moron how does it appear?


Sender Jasevich still not so happy with his boys

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Colonies are fired this season

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