Public toilets, NASA and desserts – What does it mean for Android?

Android is the most popular operating system in the world – it is estimated that more than 80% was installed last year. all smart phones. Although this system developed by Google is known to users for 11 years, some facts are still surprising.

Public toilets, NASA and desserts - What does it mean for Android?

For your attention – Arnold Lukošius, an expert in the Tele2 Innovation Bureau, shares 6 unbelievable facts about Android.

1. Who actually created Android?

Although Android belongs to huge Google, it is the world that introduced the operating system in 2007, but it all began with Android Inc. and its founder Andy Rybin. Its launch of the operating system in 2003 was originally designed for digital cameras – they had to allow them to wirelessly connect to computers and store their photos in the cloud. This Android launcher was bought by Google two years later.

2. Inexpensive desserts

Google has a fun tradition for almost ten years – after the first versions of "0.1" and 1.1 on Android, the company gave the name of each candy or dessert to each new operating system. From cakes, mussels, cherry soups delivered to this August. Android 9,0 Pie). In addition, each statue is designed and displayed for each name – their park is located across from Google's lawn in California.

3. History of the logotype

The Green Android robot is recognizable around the world, but not just because of the popularity of the operating system. In 2007, the then designer of Irina Blok created the new product logo – inspired by the icon of a well-known woman and man on public toilets. According to the designers, the figures decorated with robots and antennas have ensured brand recognition.

4. Used by NASA

Android developers boast impressive success – it's their NAS operating system that uses space. National Aviation and Space Administration). In 2010, Google together with Samsung created Nexus, which became the first commercial intelligent device approved by the agency to be suitable for use at the International Space Station.

5. Standalone Intelligence Portal – exclusively for Android.

The world's most popular operating system even has a separate news portal Phandroid. This site was launched on the same day that Google officially introduced its first version of Android in 2007. This online portal is now not just about operating system news but also about Google and its products.

6. Open source system

Of other operating systems, Android is different in its openness. The Google Open Source Project (AOSP) enabled each user of the system to contribute to its creation. Android fans can not only report interruptions but also contribute to the development of gadget creations or even new system programming versions.





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