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Samsung Galaxy S10e Against iPhone Xr: What's Better?

Many of them have probably noticed that the cheapest model of the Samsung Galaxy S10 was the goal of the XR iPhone. Although these smartphones have a lot of differences, their strategy and price are very similar. mobile phone specialists compared these two models.

What is Samsung Galaxy S10e better than iPhone XR?

1. Screen

The iPhone has a very good LCD display, but it's not the same as an OLED solution that features the latest iPhone XS models. It is worth noting that Samsung also did not store the Galaxy S10e on the same screen as the flagship. The difference is only in the screen resolution. The Galaxy S10e has a HD Quad HD screen, but in any case it is better than a competitor.

2. Double camera

Apple decided to use one 12-megapixel widescreen camera in its iPhone XR instead of the two-sided iPhone XS. Samsung also supplied the S10e with a poorer camera compared to the S10 and S10 +, but the S10e has a dual camera as opposed to the iPhone XR.

3. Charge function of another phone

Wireless PowerShare lets you charge other devices with the Samsung Galaxy S10. It can be a headset or even the same iPhone XR that doesn't have this feature.

4. More storage

Fortunately, Apple no longer offers 16GB of iPhone smartphones. The lowest capacity of the iPhone XR is 64GB, while the Galaxy S10e offers twice as much, i. 128GB and expandable memory with SD card.

What is the iPhone XR better than the Samsung Galaxy S10e?

1. Unlock the device

There's no ultrasonic fingerprint reader in the Galaxy S10e, just a switch integrated into the switch. The iPhone XR offers Face ID to unlock the phone, ie. as well as the XS model. This way of unlocking your phone is much more convenient and safer than Samsung.

2. Proposal

The premiere of the iPhone XR has launched a huge wave of criticism, especially due to the thickness of the frames. However, the Galaxy S10e has a really thick not only side frame and "hole" on the screen, and Samsung fans are still mocking the iPhone screen cutout. However, the perception of design aesthetics remains a matter of taste.

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