Silent play is extended for another year

Citizens will be able to participate in the Kvit game for another year, and according to the State Tax Inspectorate (STI), weekly and monthly prizes announced by Lietuvos ryto will be announced. Just as before, the news of lucky people's income accounts are broadcast every Tuesday in a special television report that the public sees after the Reporter.

Almost a year after the start of the Kvit game, the number of registered earnings is close to 2 million and only in the catering sector, taking into account the overall increase in value added tax (VAT) in the country, and compared to the same period last year, the additional budget was declared at around 3 million. EUR VAT.

"We see that residents are willing to register for revenue from their services or goods purchased in the markets and try their luck – we have already announced more than 500 lucrative earnings." The initiative is also supported by merchants who willingly issue confirmations and sometimes even remind the ongoing game That's why it was decided to continue with Kvit – it will take another year, and we are discussing alternative measures that will encourage people to continue playing Kvit and make money, "says Rolandas Puncevičius, Project Director manager of STI Kvit Games,

Weekly and monthly winners are informed by a short SMS, which is sent by the mobile number listed at the time of registration.

Thanks to the publication of 490 weekly and 11 month winners, the winning pool of distributed cricket games reaches almost 150,000 euros. According to the latest data, the winner of the prize was worth EUR 5,000 in October, which has already won its prize. The happy voucher was issued on the stock exchange in the city of Ukmerge, where the winner of the purchase bought the food for 23.3 euros.

The STI points out that Kvit's winners will be broadcast on Lithuanian Radio on December 13th. It should be noted that after the expiry of the contract on the creation of information reports and broadcasting services, which was still in force, a new winning contract for public procurement was announced – an agreement was signed between JTI and Lietuvos rytas television. m on November 9

The game participants are reminded that winnings are to be redeemed within the 20-day time limit specified in the game rules, and only cash cash receipts can be registered in the game. At the bottom of this confirmation is a fiscal logo consisting of a three-letter combination of LTF. Examples of receipt of tax cash registers and any relevant information regarding Kvite can be found online at kvī

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