Stan – sensitive emotions of colleagues who suffered from unhealthy oncological illnesses

I'm waiting for the devil to know what and what is most terrible – I do not see how they grow up. The feeling when you realize that the glass is out of hand and falls, but can only watch it is not caught.
I did not say anything to anyone. I decided to wait until the diagnosis and prospects were clear. I was watching a smiling woman and it was terribly unfortunate that everything would change in the near future.

A few days later, studies began, oncologists and so on. I learned that my blood cancer is a lymphoma. I said housewives and chemotherapy soon began. Every two weeks I assigned six intensive courses. Every time I went to the hospital, I could not believe it was happening, I felt like a hero of Breaking Bad. And while the most dangerous part of chemotherapy was itself – "radical treatment," I would not want anyone to experience it. After the first course, her hair began to scream.

I called my friend a hairdresser, cared for me for fifteen years, and told me that I needed a haircut for baldness.

Then I realized that it was easier to hear a diagnosis than tell others. He blew me and saw a great grief. When I looked in the mirror tonight, I was sorry – it looked very bad.

I swallowed from the chemistry of my face, swollen and naked and without a beard I had never seen. As a result, my colleague Zvonkus, like me, has come to solidarity with "solidarity".
Now there were two "natures".

At the same time, pleasure and good moods have tried to keep chemotherapy at the end. After the hypodermic effect, the body injected for several months in a row has already been recovering from the usual "dose".

There were days when I did not leave home, but I tried to work every day. And it's over. There was only one question – did you help?

After a month and a half of waiting, I found a positive answer. No disease anymore. Unfortunately, this does not mean that there is a great chance in the next few years that the disease will return or take off the trolleybus.
And now the most important thing is serious.

For a long time, I thought whether it was necessary to say publicly. I doubted that people would not see me before, and that's why it's the worst thing. That's why I'm talking.

Diagnosis of cancer mostly sounds like the death penalty. I thought it myself. During the first two weeks I was in hell, in the deepest depression, and over time I lost more weight than during the whole treatment. A sense of laughter – both despair, shame and desire to hide from all over the world.
But fear, the feeling I knew deep down, I saw it in my soul, which I saw in the eyes of my relatives, in the corridors of Santarin's clinics. Today many people hear the diagnosis – cancer and their familiarity with fear begins.

I want to hug you all and say – do not worry, the unexpected test hit us, but do not worry, it's just a disease, it's different than twenty years ago. It really heals. You are not alone. Do not be afraid, experts in this area are incredibly professional and sensitive in Lithuania. In the case of blood cancer, most patients are cured.

I'm cancer, but I'll heal 🙂

Performing Vilija Pilibaitytė-Mia, like many other famous people, did not conceal Stan's appearance as suspicious. Mia says she wanted to ask her about her condition, but she did not dare.

"I was waiting for this post because I did not know how to ask you to not hurt, hurt, do not ask other questions or answers … thank you! Be a great friend of mine I know that you are strong and in the end will be even stronger! because there are a lot of people around you who want you good because you deserve it We will do more than one hit with you and I promise to come back to you in the recording studio Hold on, brother, we are with you! "- wrote Mia supportive commentary.

Vilija Pilibaityte-Mia

Vilija Pilibaityte-Mia

Composer Liveta Kazlauskienė surprised and thanked Stanovi for her openness and encouraged her to think and appreciate her everyday life.

"I admire you, Stasiuk, as a wise young child, thank you for sharing your situation, it's for everyone who thinks and for those who spend time fighting with their loved ones for stupid and insignificant ambitions." Strengths for you, Stasiuk , you are a cool and talented person ", – the artist supports L. Kazlauskienė.

Liveta Kazlauskiene

Liveta Kazlauskiene

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"Stan, I admire your strength, which is the source of inspiration for all of us! I am glad you got it! It is no shame! Everyone can face such a life challenge! I request health and strength! I hug!" – Agne Bilotaitė, member of Seimas , wrote Stan's social network Facebook.

Agnė Bilotaitė

Agnė Bilotaitė

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