Straw is known for the city of Panevezys around the world

On the outskirts of Naujamiestis (Panevėžys district), for thirteen years each autumn, an impressive park of straw statues is growing under open sky. Even ten years before the dawn of several months, the masterpieces of the straw were created by a unique fire, a musical and dance secret, and connected huge crowds of curiosities.

Now you can admire original artworks all year round. As Rima Serdikevicienė, a worker at the Naujamiestis cultural center that creates the straw charm, jokes, people gather with their eyes but also with positive energy. Straw, which is saturated with sunlight, radiates into the environment during the darker times of the year.

If you do not bloom, two permanent "builders" are next to the park statue of Naujamiestis. R. Serdikevicienė, in the final construction of a straw-colored building, found that at least six people worked in Sculptures every day – the beauty was raised as a yeast. This year, he is only trying to help with his colleague Jonah and another volunteer. At least the main house of straw and its environment is expected to be finished to frost.

"At the beginning of October, snowstorms, hailstorms, snow storms began in October, and this year we work almost daily, except that we do not have a lot of help," says the artist.

In the absence of other hands, this year decided to rebuild what has been done so far. According to R. Serdikevicienė, it is not hard to work with straw, it is an extremely hard work that requires endurance, sometimes even labor and a lot of time and energy.

"There is a lack of work, but I want to keep this tradition," the artist smiles.

Enjoy the whole year

It seems that the treasure of ideas and thoughts had to disappear for more than a decade, but the creators of straw statues are joking that life itself attracts new ideas for them. This year, it was decided to choose a somewhat unusual theme – "Square From Slama to the Present", in which the whole history of the straw sculpture park, the present and the future will fit the way it does. And at the same time, show how simplified it is and how modernity can adapt.

"When the walls and benches are straightened on the roof of the straw, we plan to invite artists to decorate the walls, then we will organize the ends of the straw sculpture park," – R. Serdikevičienė intrigues.

Ten years before the Welsh Sculpture Park, it has become a magnificent fire, a musical and dance secret, but for some time the whole park has been enjoying visitors for the whole year – straw is a great material, because it just disappears, but it does not lose its shape. According to the spokesperson, this idea has become reality: you can see pedestrians and fun children every night or weekend. Especially for small cottages with many tunnels and corridors.

"Even late in the autumn, people can see how people fall in the park in the autumn, or sit down on a bench with hot tea on a bench and enjoy the wonderful smell of straw on the bench." Straw absorbed by many sun rays radiates good energy, so the people are attracted to her so the smell is so soothing and charming, "- said the author of straw statues.

Visit and Christmas spirit

Not only the inhabitants are attracted by a miraculous sculpture park. Many visitors come from other cities and sometimes admire the massive work of straw and foreign visitors. The sound of the unique straw sculpture park extends even outside of Lithuania – until recently the Naujamiestis cultural center has received special gifts – the French almanac "Modern Architecture and Straw", which includes the art of the whole world with straw. Newmanies created the beauty of the almanac.

The newly-painted sculpture park of straw is also rich in the Christmas season. For three years now, the new city is decorated with a lively green scar. It is decorated with Christmas toys with salty teeth and hands. And this Christmas tree is also considered from straw.

"And if we liked Santa Claus, we turned his beautiful straw into his residence," R. Serdikevicienė smiled.

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