The biggest mistake in choosing cream cream for the winter

If the beauty experts had previously tried to warn people against cold weather to use the moisturizer carefully, it is increasingly necessary to raise and remind them – the call to be careful does not mean that such a cream may not be used at all.

While the weather cools the window, we spend a lot of time in closed and dry rooms, offices and at home, so our skin needs irrigation. But go to the field, the skin needs some protection. How to choose the right one?

Beauty consultant "Eurovision" Samantha Juzene pointed out that warm wind is one of the most important factors that can affect the skin during the cold season. Therefore, with the onset of terrible weather, it is the most important rule to go into a small cream field. If the skin is completely unprotected, redness, skin discoloration or allergic reactions may occur.

"The skin can begin to peel off, flocculate, become more sensitive, probably have a higher sense of dryness due to the fact that the skin no longer has lipid films that protect us, especially because skin care is necessary for dry and sensitive skin, whose skin does not release a natural protective lipid, "says beauty specialist.

To avoid unpleasant feelings, it is equally important to choose the right cream. S. Juzenė points out that the biggest mistake is an incorrect, commonly chosen cream. The cream should be chosen according to the type of skin and condition. It is recommended to use lighter cream cream for dry skin, nutrition and rich skin.

"For more advanced skin owners, it is recommended to choose a cream containing oils – a useful jojoba or olive oil, vitamins A and E. Creams containing these ingredients are thicker, strengthen the skin and have skin protection properties," says the specialist.

Do not forget to hydrate

If you plan to spend a lot of time in the field under unfavorable conditions, for example when it comes to winter activities, an oil-based oily cream is suitable for lubrication and leather blending. This way, you will be sure that your face will be protected from the negative effects of frost.

In winter we should not forget about wetting our faces because we are not only outdoors, but we spend a lot of time in warm and dry rooms. Permanent moisturizing of the skin helps the skin remain elastic, shiny and maintains a good skin tone.

"Moisturizing cream should not be afraid outdoors, but it is worth noting that you should wait at least an hour at home until the cream is completely absorbed into the skin on your face," says specialists.

This type of cream can also be applied in the evening when it is no longer planned to go into the field.

For children – creams without water

The expert points out that winter cream is important not only for adults but also for children. Children's skin is thinner and more sensitive than adults, so it is advisable to collect creams without water. It is also important that the components are safe and non-toxic.

"The most important thing is that cosmetics intended for children would be odorless that they do not harm children and it is also useful to choose soft consistency creams that quickly and well absorb", – notes S. Juzėnė.

According to her, the skin of the children should be protected additionally with caps – the cap helps protect the forehead and the scarf on the rest of the face.

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