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The dream is alive: the victorious Belarusian hook changed the morning to the host

The Vilnius Rytas Team (2/3) won one of the most important season seasons in the European Top 16 Cup.

Dainius Adomaitis trained the team in a strenuous fight 78:77 (30:28, 14:12, 20:17, 14:20) defeated Belgrade's basketball player Partizan (2/3).

Due to the qualification for the fourth European Cup finals in Vilnius, the 6th round of the match must be overtaken by Monaco Monaco (2/3).

The first match for Vilnius was lost to 70:75.


During the first 6 minutes in Belgrade was a real spot race. Three distant waves were thrown forward by Eimantas Bendus, who struck that time and Chris Kramer, in the morning, played a successful game with 18:17. In the first quarter, E.Bendžius and Chramer, who added 8 points, gave 15 points to the guests. The Vilnius inhabitants were leaders 30:28.

The second quarter was not as effective as the Vilnius residents began to show much better defense. Rokas Stipčevičius spoke the same way as D.Seeley, who got the first points, so Morning was halfway through 40:33. However, the capital team in the second half of the second half reached only 4 points and the Partizan team, which was chosen by the self-directed player Alexo Renfroe, managed to get a little closer – 40:44.

At the beginning of the third quarter, the Partizan club approached 44:46, but Artiom Parachovsky's coarse line with a foul and three other E.Begiusa points facilitated eastern breathing – 52:44. The Serbian team had several successful attacks, but it was often a violation of the rules. Nevertheless, the citizens of Vilnius did not take advantage of all the benefits. Rytas had a two-digit lead of 60:49, but two of Vanja Marinkovich's distant throw had more intrigue in the last 10 minutes – 64:57.

After double colonization of well-coordinated parachute colonies, guests scored twice, but six Patizan basketball players forced D. Adomait to break the minute in 36 minutes – 67:71. Somewhat later R.Stipčevičius executed both penalties, but Bandja Sy and A.Renfroe had dissolved the enemy deficit to a minimum of 72:73. In addition, Parachovsky missed both games and Partizan's team made the technical foul of D.Jeeley a single point and restored the balance. At the end of the spectacular duel, the Belgrade club was ahead of the penultimate and last minute. Jock Landale hit a colon and left 10 seconds to survive. Although Cramer missed the throw, Rytas continued the attack, which was completed by the victorious Colonel A. Parachovsky. Vilnius club won the result 78:77.

Partizan: Jock Landale 14 (7/11 Colony), Bandja Sy 13 (3/3 three-point), Vanja Marinkovich (3/7 three-point) and Alex Renfroe (1/5 three-point, 6 re., 11 res. after 11, Djordje Gagičius 8.

The morning: Artiomas Parachovskis 22 (10/11 colony, 8 recruits, 30 minutes), Eimantas Bendžius 21 (5/9 triplets), Rokas Stipčevičius 12 (7 recruits), Chris Kramer 10 (7 res.), DJSeeley 7.

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