The impressive Marie Antoinette jewelery is auctioned

After two centuries, magnificent Mary Antoinette diamonds and pearls that are not visible in public are sold on Wednesday at an auction in Geneva, which is one of the most important auctions of royal jewelery in history.

These treasures were secretly removed from Paris in 1791, King Louis XVI, His Queen and their children in the time before the French Revolution.

Values ​​are from the collection of the Italian royal family Parma Bourbon sold by Sotheby's.

Among more than 100 items are 10 Marie Antoinees – the last jewel of the French Queen before the Revolution. The Queen was gilted in Paris in October 1793 when she was 37 years old.

"This is the most important auction of the 21st century, why do you beat Marie Antoinette?" – Andres White Coral (Andres Vaitas Koreal) of Sotheby's said last month to AFP.

The most memorable jewelery is the Mary Antoinette pearl – a pearl made of natural pearls and diamonds worth 870 thousand to 1.75 million. euro

For diamonds, a necklace of three beads is expected to be 176-264 thousand. as well as pearl and diamond earrings.

The ring with monogram and queen hairline is valued at 7-8.8 thousand. euro Another pearl and diamond necklace is valued at 35-62 thousand. Diamond bracelet of double tapestry – 44-70 thousand. euro

"Enchant Stories"

"This is one of the most important collections of royal jewels that ever appeared on the market, and every piece is absolutely impressed with history," said Daniel Mascetti, Sotheby's official.

The jewelry mentioned above was a curved path illustrating the dynamics of power in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries.

As Mrs. Campan's (Queen Campan), Maria Antoinette, all evening, she dug all her diamonds, rubies and gems all the evening in Thyilri's palaces and put them in a wooden sheet.

Archa was sent to Brussels, run by her sister, and then to native Austria, Marie Antoinette, to keep her nephew emperor.

In 1792 the royal family was imprisoned in Paris. The following year the kings and queen were executed and their ten-year-old son, Ludwig, died in the 17th. The year of captivity.

Only their daughter, Mary Tereza, survived. In 1796 she was sent to Austria, where her mother's jewelry was given to her.

She did not have children but she served her precious nieces and grooms Luiza, the Duchess of Parma, who left them for her son, the last Duke of Parma, Robert I. (1848-1907).

Since then, the jewelry have been related.

The auction will also sell Karla X jewelery, including the diamond tiaras, as well as the mothers of the Austrian Emperor Maria Theresa Marie Antoinette and the decoration of the late Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I, who died in 1916.

1929 Tiara with heraldic lily motif is decorated with diamonds from the collections of Karl X. Savior Marie Antoinette, who died in 1836. It is valued at 308-485 thousand. euro

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