The Lithuanian astrophysic Olympics in China won the bronze medal

Ignas Juodzbalis, a member of the 12th International Astrophysical and Astronomical Olympiad, returned with a bronze medal from China in Beijing.

Twelve-year astronomical knowledge from Vilnius, Libya, is deepening in the astronomical unit of the Lithuanian Learning Center of Non-Formal Education (LMNESC), its teacher is Aurelija Visockienė.

Lithuania also represented Paulina Dainora Erichsmeier (teacher Tomas Kivaras) and Vilniaus licëjų vienuoliktokas, Ignas Mačiulis (teacher Aurelija Visockienė), a member of the Lithuanian National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, astronomical member of the Kaunas Technical University.

The team was accompanied by an associate professor at Vilnius University (VU). Jacob Sudejis and researcher at VU dr. Vidas Dobrovolskas.

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