The volunteer tactical exercise will take place in the regions of Vilnius and Utena

During these training sessions, the 8th KPP Great Battle Team's ability to conduct defense operations in their area of ​​responsibility and to co-operate with other components of the Lithuanian Army and Allies will be trained and evaluated, the National Defense Ministry said.

Exercise will train about 800 soldiers at a time.

According to the "Strong Shield" exercise, the JRC team's job is to eliminate hostile forces in the area of ​​responsibility. With small unit tactics, patrols of the team will be watched, gather intelligence information, and make advances against occupied forces, supplies, combat support units, military technology pillars, command stations, and other important goals.

The exercise will take place on clear and dark days in advance with local authorities and landowners in non-military areas.

Soldiers will travel on foot or on wheeled military vehicles, use special equipment, imitation ammunition, explosive devices, smoke packets and signaling rockets.

"Hard Shield" is evaluated twice a year by KASP employees.

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