A large defensive dilemma of Everton was resolved

Marco Silva has a resolved dilemma.

It has three international forms on Wednesday. But if he does not change his system from the beginning, he will only fill two places.

So is Keane and Zoum, who looked so promising until the Frenchman was out of wedlock on Sunday against his parent club?

Is it Keane and Mina who played for the first time on Sunday together and became the first defense to prevent Chelsea from finishing in Stamford Bridge this season?

Should Mina and Zouma have the opportunity to create a new defense platform, or even all three games in the wing-back system?

We asked our Everton writers what they considered the best way forward – and that was their conclusion.

David Prentice – Keane and Mina

Kevin Richardson was a very, very, very good player in the field.

But Kevin Sheedy was extraordinary.

So while Richardson was good enough to win a league title with the Arsenal, Captain Aston Villa, who had been in the Premier League, led the same team to the glory of the League Cup A to play in England, never could have waited for a permanent post at the Everton midfield.

In March 1985, Southampton scored two crucial matches in Southampton when Sheedy was injured – and was released for the next match when Sheedy recovered.

Everton has won the league this season, reinforcing the argument that you should always play your strongest XI.

Michael Keane is in Everton's strongest XI because he has barely put a bad foot this time ("hardly" because he managed to make two sliding rules on Sunday).

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Center-back Blues

And Kurt Zouma was excellent this season, but Yerry Mina has made a great start to her career in Everton in the most test environment you can imagine. He created a solid partnership with Michael Keane and a few times emerged in the opposition area (he threw one of the six-yard bar)

Keane and Mina were part of the defense that this season was the first to hit Chelsea on Stamford Bridge. And they would be my choice, which should continue this season.

Sam Carroll – Mina and Zouma

Marco Silva is not unfavorable, as he has recently admitted he is preparing for a five-minute formation at Goodison Park to adapt to his wealth of defensive capabilities.

Yes, that is correct.

With Yerra Min's debut debut, which has calmed down the great footsteps of Michael Keane and Kurt Zoum, they have become the center of the Silv backstage partnership, Phil Jagielka and Mason Holgate look further from their roles than ever before in their Everton career.

"The biggest challenge of Mark Silva's reign so far"

Marco, however, must achieve the greatest challenges of his government and resist the urge to change the form.

Replacing to five men would mean a tactical change in the next direction, and that is the sharpest thing Everton had seen this year, although he had drawn a blank space on Chelsea.

In short, Blues can not afford to fix what is not broken.

Everton began to make progress in its current shape.

She has no sensory peel.

It will be difficult and I would not want to say that some of Keane, Miny or Zoumy would sit outside, but the former Burnley man, despite incredible progress, will have to wait for a duo.

Zoum's future in the club is not at best clear, and on current evidence, Keane can have a long and successful career at Goodison Park.

For now, however, Silva has to go with the best partnership he has at his disposal.

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Chris Beesley – Mina and Keane

What a welcome headache for Everton is driving Marco Silva to have three players competing for the center back, and in fact, one of these options is right.

In recent seasons – later in the last semester – blues bosses often had to try to find two players who were actually in the form, so it's something of luxury that has to leave one. And that's what I think Silva must do – it makes no sense to think about the system and go with the three on the back to get them all up.

"Except for the one who is about to make a ruthless call"

The Everton parties were rarely very effective and deployed. So it's up to Gafri to make a ruthless call, something he has already shown he is willing to do when Jonjoe Kenny and Tom Davies have dropped him as soon as Seamus Coleman and Andre Gomes arrive.

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Michael Keane and Kurt Zoum built an effective partnership in the early weeks of the campaign, but now Yerry Mina came and showed he can compete against the best Premier League.

When I made a promising debut at Stamford Bridge, I kept him and Keane for the Cardiff City game and lent Zouma to show in the training that he could go back.

Adam Jones – Mina and Keane

If it is not damaged, do not repair it.

Unfortunately, in some respects, Marco Silva was forced to change his starting XI to fight against Chelsea and had to drop the player in Kurt Zouma's form.

Yerry Mina was right in the mix for the first time at the Premier League in Stamford Bridge and played very well.

In particular, it was very impressive to see how comfortably the former Barcelona man was on the ball and completed 91% of his 32 passes in 90 minutes.

And Silva is now facing a dilemma.

Michael Keane was revealing this season and was in fantastic form, much of it coming along with Zouma and the pair was very well replenished.

"The three on the back are out of the question"

However, when Mina arrives and maintains a clean sheet in her first match, it must be a partnership that Silva holds with.

There were some questions about a possible change of shape to the three-to-back system, but that means the player looks ahead and limits those brilliant assault options.

That's not a question.

The Sunday match was only the third time, when this term managed to keep Blues up to its opponents, and the only way Mina would make a full game is actually playing the game.

Zouma is also just a credit, so it should be a priority to give Everton permanent players a priority in such situations.

In any case, it is certainly a welcome dilemma that Silva can now have – especially with regard to the injuries and suspensions that the Blues had to deal with before.

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