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The development of corona vaccines is in full swing worldwide. But who is vaccinated? Angela Merkel has now spoken.

  • Scientists around the world are researching this Coronavirus * and try one Vaccine * Develop.
  • The French company Sanofi-Aventis is also taking part in the worldwide race against the virus.
  • But who is vaccinated? Angela Merkel has now spoken.
  • Here you will find news from Germany’s Corona and a map of the current infection situation.

Update of November 8, 2020: The Coronavirus continues to spread, am Saturday reported that Robert Koch Institute with more than 23,000 New infections absolute record in Germany within 24 hours. On Sunday Angela Merkel reiterates in video on “Open Day” Chancellor says urgently expected vaccine probably first used to protect the health system. “The question of who will be vaccinated first is being discussed with permanent staff.” Vaccination commission, with the Scientific Academy in Leopoldina and the ethics committee “, so Merkel in the video where Chancellor Citizens’ questions answered.

“But I think I can tell so much that I’m saying that there are, of course, nurses, doctors and also people joining one right in front.” Risk group belong. But there are quite a lot of them in our country, “said Merkel. When exactly and vaccine it is not yet clear. But Federal government hopes that the first vaccines will be approved relatively soon. “Then of course there won’t be enough vaccines,” he said Chancellor and stressed: “No one will be forced to vaccinate, it is a voluntary decision.”

Preparation for a Vaccination campaign went. The Federal states they planned their vaccination centers. You still have to see how much vaccine It will be available and for how long this vaccine will be immunized. The central task is to ensure the immunity of the whole population against the virus. If 60 to 70 percent of the population is immune – due to vaccination or a disease they survived – the virus is “more or less defeated,” Merkel said. “Then we can also lift all restrictions,” she said.

Corona vaccine: German research leader gives harsh prediction – “Pandemic will not be defeated in 2021”

First report of 31 October 2020: Munich / Frankfurt – ever since Coronavirus Researchers * are working to develop an effective solution Vaccine. Also a pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis I’m working on it. The head of research and development for Germany explained in an interview with Economic courierwhat vaccines they can be, how safe they are and whether they would be tested. He also described that one thing in the corona pandemic was different than usual.

Corona vaccine: three types are being worked on

In principle, three types of vaccines would be tested, such as Jochen Maas explained:

Type of vaccine description Experiences
Live vaccines Attenuated viruses are used as carriers of the immunizing antigen. High level of security thanks to many experiences
Dead vaccines This substance contains only proteins, no viruses. There is a residual risk.
mRNA vaccines In this process, small pieces of genetic information are given that trigger antigen production in human cells. No long-term data yet

Although there are different experiences, Maas will not change anything for himself: “I would be vaccinated with all three types. Because if they are approved, they are also safe.“As for the dead vaccine plans, Maas said,” If we get approval, Sanofi is likely to launch such a vaccine next summer. “The Frankfurt insulin plant is already being set up for this purpose.” “We produce 200 million cans a year,” said the pharmaceutical company.

A lot of money needs to be invested in vaccine development without being sure that the substance will be approved by the authorities at all. The riskThe company that enters here is called Maas “Oversized”. “Sanofi has so far invested a three-figure sum in research, development and testing of the vaccine, without knowing if it will work,” says Maas.

Corona vaccines should remain available: “No company will be able to make a profit”

It would regulate that prices would not be so high and that society would benefit extremely from vaccines. “Governments everywhere will make sure to get the vaccine.” affordable will remain and no company will be able to afford a profit here. I expect that the price for one dose will be affordable for everyone, including poorer countries, “explained Maas.

Although there is great economic potential in vaccine development, the race is more collegial than hostile. “The enemy is not a competitor, but a virus.” Everyone sees it that way. The scientific and business community works excellently across borders and continents. Institutions and politicians are also behind them. Everyone knows we’re on the same ship. Everyone knows that no one can produce eight billion doses of vaccine alone, “said Maas, describing the” unique “situation in an interview with Economic courier.

Corona: Far-reaching unpredictable immunization – a “gigantic logistics business”

Although the prospect of one vaccine They are currently thriving, this does not mean that the pandemic will be defeated next year. “If there’s a vaccine, it’s very good, but it won’t improve our situation right away.” It must then be mass-produced, bottled and distributed. We need four to eight billion doses of vaccine worldwide, depending on whether a simple vaccination is enough or whether it needs to be repeated. It is a huge logistics company“This is how Maas describes the challenge.”

However, it seems to be comprehensive vaccination the only long-term effective means of the population to end the pandemic. Global cooperation gives hope for a cooperative international strategy. (lb) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network

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