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DAP regrets the candidate's criticism after cleaning up the Muslim cemetery

SANDAKAN POLLS | Sabah DAP said they regret the critics against their Sandakan candidate Vivian Wong after attending the DAP Muslim Cemetery Cleaning Program in Kampung Sim Sim, Sandakan this morning.

They said Vivian had just continued what her late father and current Sandakan MEP Stephen Wong had done as an elected representative in Sandakan.

"It is regrettable that the opposition and some members of the public perceived it as a political trick."

"In fact, this is normal practice during (Vivian's) late Stephen.

"We continue to clean up the graveyard what our late Stephen started to do to ensure his legacy continues and we hope that this Sandakan replenishment can be an example of the unity and harmony our late Stephen has shown in his life," he said today Sabah DAP columnist Phoong Jin Zhe.

Phoong referred to a Facebook virus image that the user named "Awang Aslee", which included a picture of the cleaning of the Vivian Muslim cemetery.

The broadcasts that went on viruses on WhatsApp described it as an "act" to ridicule Muslims in Sandakan.

"When Sandakan Women (amoi2) to engage in cleaning and mourning over the graves of Muslim people, as shown in the picture, unless it asks for votes? "The user also sarcastically questioned.

Phoong said that DAP did not want to respond to this viral screenshot initially, but said that the opposition went too far to put this "kind gesture" too far.

"God knows we did it back a few years back in late Stephen (photo below) time until 2015.

"There is nothing unusual in Sandakan and Sabah to clean our cemeteries. It has nothing to do with race or religion. We did it with good intentions and a good heart," he said.

Phoong pointed out that it had never been a problem in the past because he did not receive any publicity as a program this morning and regrets that he was politicized during this term.

"This clearly shows that this did not take place for electoral purposes. It is a common practice in Sabah as a racial and religious feeling should not have a place in Sabah politics," he said.

Sandakan By-elections were launched by the death of Stephen on March 28. t

Stephen, the youngest daughter of Vivian, fights against a five-year battle against Linda Tsen, a former bilateral Batu Sapi MPu, and three independent.

Today is the second day of the campaign. Polling Day is set to May 11th.

There are 39,777 voters in Sandakan, with 51 percent of Chinese voters, 26 percent of Sabah bumiputera, 16 percent of Malaysia and seven percent of others.

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