Gigi Hadid kicks back to the trolls who think she is known only for the rich parents

Gigi has some ideas on an old netic shtick (Picture: WireImage)

Gigi Hadid is done with people who say it's just because of rich parents.

She grew up with father of architect Mohamed Hadida and model mother Yolanda, a 23-year-old woman who has already been named one of the most wanted models in the world.

But if you think that for the second moment Gigi agrees to get into the world of fashion and rests on nepotism, you have another thing.

"My dad was a fugitive, my mom was on a farm, she went to New York and worked to send money back to her family, they made their asses and they gave me life because of their hard work, and I'm working hard to do it." she said.

No, you do not have it (Picture: Getty Images)

"I should not stay in my house because people say" you do not deserve to be here because they were successful. "It's not what I consider to be my house."

We are sure it is a very nice house, probably with marble stalls but with wise words

Gigi, who went through the fashion show Victoria's Secret last week, also turned her legacy, which is on a Dutch and Palestinian home chat.

"… I am as Palestinian as I am Dutch. Just because I have blond hair, I still have the value of my ancestors and I appreciate and respect it," she said, according to

"I'm talking about it with my friend [Zayn Malik] also half-Pakistani, half-English. I feel that when you are a mixed race when you come from two different worlds, you will see the two sides treat each other and you feel like the bridge of the two sides. "

The Hadida breeding girls behave strongly and with courage in their beliefs, it seems only last week that Gigi's little sister Bella struck back the unfortunate trolls who felt she was perfectly fine to reveal her weight.

Note to all: Not okay. Not at all right.

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After people spit on a completely classic and original line of "eating a hamburger," in response to BTS, she shot her in Wardrobe lingerie, added to OG a much more positive description: "All body types are different and respond to otherwise great routine training and healthy nutrition.

In essence, it's her way of saying, "Start the rescue and stay in your aisle."

All the hailing team Hadid.

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