Huawei brings customers to the end of Smartwatch endurance

Huawei sets a new carrier technology standard with the Huawei Watch GT introducing the GT concept into their smartwatch DNA.

Inspired by Gran Turismo (GT), synonymous with high-performance sports cars and translating as a long-distance drive, the Huawei Watch GT redefines the limitation of the current smartwatch and selects customers to endurance.

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For a 21st century urban explorer and adventurer, long battery life is essential for the efficiency and success of the device. For an idea of ​​the GT concept in DNA smartwatch, Huawei turned the history page to inspire the automotive industry. In the 1960s, high-performance cars, called the "GT", came into the market as a solution to small motor vehicles seeking a long-distance drive.

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Huawei focuses on giving consumers access to the best technologies in their classroom, innovative devices and exceptional quality products to create a more meaningful way to stay connected. Supporting two-week, ultra-low-power, low-power use, the Huawei Watch GT is a life assistant for professional and intelligent service and superior design. It is comparable to a high-performance sports car because it integrates powerful features and specifications into a compact 10.6mm thick body for the perfect look of classic wristwatch design.

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Huawei Watch GT Features:

  • 39 "AMOLED HD Touch Screen Color Screen for better resolution to help you see more and better
  • Intelligent energy saving for two weeks of extremely long service life
  • Two-engine architecture for reduced power consumption
  • More accurate GPS positioning
  • Smarter heart rate monitoring
  • More exercise modes
  • The system of scientific education
  • Enhanced Daily Tracking
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