If you lion a lion, it will be anger – Spalletti understands Mourinho's Juve

Inter boss Luciano Spalletti focused on Jose Mourinho's emotional response to a dramatic victory in Manchester United in Juventus when he says, "If you irritate the lion, sooner or later it will be angry."

Mourinho met with intense exploration this season, but last weekend, Bournemouth in Bournemouth managed to fight against Bournemouth before he made a huge turn over Juve on Wednesday.

United were going to the stunning Cristiano Ronald with the remaining four minutes for Juan Mata's free kick and Leonardo Bonucci's own goal to meet three points in the H Group Champions League meeting.

Mourinho entered the Allianz Stadium and, after a full-time strike, entered the home crowd, claiming he was bothering him because of his time in charge of Inter.

The incident triggered the reaction of domestic players, and current coach Nerazzurri Spalletti admits that Mourinho would probably have more restraint but understands his actions.

"I believe he said he did not do it again after the game, I think we all agree," he told Atalanta before the journalist conference in front of Intero Serie A.

"But there is a lot of pressure, especially in certain games, and that is starting to build. There is always the chance to react because I have the same job as myself and I fully realize it.

"But I'm convinced that it's all part of the show, as long as it does not happen anymore. Sure, when you lion a lion, sooner or later there was a sound.

Spalletti, with Juve's six-point side scoring in Serie A, has splinted Spalletti that the defeat of Bianconeri may be proof that Massimiliano Allegri's side is not as strong as the first thought.

Spalletti, however, refused such a claim and insisted Juve is still in Venice.

"I really believe they are better than everyone else and they will probably be the team that won the league," he added.

"During the league season, however, there are difficulties that could jeopardize their ability, so all other teams have to be flawless and really have to make it impossible.

"Individuals have often reached the impossible with the conviction that they can change the world with a moment of time based on their mental strength and character.

"Ability to believe and never give up. Ability to continue and continue to develop, I will not give up until the final whistle at the 95th minute."

Inter took a big step towards eliminating the Champions League, which on Tuesday gave a great 1-1 draw in the home match against Barcelona, ​​but the result came at the price with Radja Nainggolan on Sunday with repeated incidence of ankle injury.

"Nainggolan tried to do what we used to see from him, he became available and he produced good performance based on what he was able to do," he said.

"However, he took a step back when it comes to his fitness in terms of the injuries he bears. I think he is unlikely to be involved, yet we should also recognize that they want to be involved in the match."

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