Kris Wu responds to shoe charges from the US iTunes

After the drama between Kris Wu, Arianou Grande, Scoot Braun and their fans, Kris Wu finally answered the problem in an interview with Californian Radio Station Hot 103.5.


DJ Freeze began to talk about how Americans are shocked that the former EXO member has done so well on the iTunes chart. "This guy sells so many albums and gets so many streams that American companies are like" what? ""

Kris, who stayed away during the whole drama, eventually expressed his thoughts, and admitted that this problem was a bit angry with him. "My fans are real people, they have been supporting me every day, not bots, not the kind of shit that makes me crazy."

"Just because they have never seen a Chinese artist on the lines, it does not mean that it will not happen, I will remain humble and respectful. Kris said in an interview.

It has been explained that the reason why the new album "Antares" by Kris Wu gets so many streams and purchases in the US iTunes is because the release was detained in China.

So his fans from China and from all over Asia used any method, including VPN manipulation to get their hands on the album, so their album sales were broadcast on iTunes.

Now, however, iTunes has decided not to count on revenue because it has been "fraudulently".

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