The 50 best video games of all time, according to critics

There are dozens of ways you can compile a list of the best video games you have ever made. You can look at the classics like "Super Mario Bros." here.

You can look at the impact on the medium or the highest revenue. You can write your personal favorites to pieces of paper and then throw them in the air. Where do the pieces land? That's your list!

But what we have here is something slightly more scientific. Reports of the Metacritic aggregation page compile all game reviews, averaging these averages to the average. Below you will find the best 50 best games of all time, based on Metacritic averages. We made one small change: Since there are several duplicates in the list (multiple versions of the same game that have been released on multiple platforms), we have just acquired the highest status of the game to create space for several game heroes that would otherwise have this list have not done so.

Without the next, these are the 50 best video games of all time:

50. "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4"


Critical score: 94/100

User scores: 8.4 / 10

Summary summary (from Metacritic): "Build your skills, get respect, and show you have something to do to get Go Pro." 190 progressively harder goals, no time, no limits, for specific challenges, evolving levels, interaction with other skaters. Personalize your game … Your career is what you do from it. "

Platforms: GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance, Tapwave Zodiac, OS X, PC

49. "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2"


Critical score: 94/100

User scores: 6,4 / 10

Summary summary (from Metacritic): "Modern Warfare 2" continues to grasp and heart, as players face a new threat, trying to bring the world to the brink of collapse. It's a brand new game mode that supports the online two player game that is unique from the story of a single player campaign Special Ops pits gamblers from time and objective-based missions.Rank-like players unlock new Special Ops missions, each more difficult . Mission includes the most important of the single player campaign, a fan of a favorite game from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare & # 39; and all new, exclusive missions. New Warfare 2 multiplayer, multiplayer new gameplay brings new possibilities, customization, gameplay and modes, including: Secondary weapons – Machine guns, shotguns, weapons, launchers, shields, explosive shields, tactical insertion, Perk upgrades , Bling (Dual Attachments), Customizable Killstreaks – AC130, Sent ry Gun, Predator Rocket, Counter-UAV, Care Pack. Accolades (compliance reports). "

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, OS X

48. "Final Fantasy IX"

Square Enix

Critical score: 94/100

User scores: 8,9 / 10

Summary summary (from Metacritic): Final Final Fantasy for PlayStation, "Final Fantasy IX", returns to the pure fantasy roots that have become the series, the latest installment of which includes very detailed characters, vehicles and the environment, and breathtaking cinema-graphics. a story that supports the Active Time Event system and the return of mini-games that provide additional gaming, makes "Final Fantasy IX" not only an unforgettable gaming experience, but also a significant step forward in the series. "

Platforms: PlayStation, iOS, Android, PC, and PlayStation 4

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