Thin Totallee bags now deliver the XS & XR-9to5Mac iPhone

Totallee is a popular super-thin iPhone case collection is now available for iPhone XR after launch for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Californian California Totallee has been doing slim iPhone cases since 2013 and now offers a number of stunning fingerprint styles available for the latest iPhones, including a new leather case. The Totalle collection now has a total of 9 different colors and 3 different styles. Below we will look at all the options in the new report:


Size XS iPhone Max iPhone Case XS | Case for iPhone XR | iPhone Case for iPhone 8 Plus Case | iPhone 8 case

These are thin and elegant signature cassettes. They are just 0.02 "thin and 0.01oz light, they are the perfect case for people who do not like voluminous cases or do not like cases at all. They cover the entire back, all sides and corners of your phone and even have a raised ring around the camera, which comes with a variety of colors, ranging from hard to black to red poppies, designed to provide additional daily protection for scratches and scratches without changing the size of your iPhone, and these slim cases are available for 29 USD.


Size XS iPhone Max iPhone Case XS | Case for iPhone XR | iPhone Case for iPhone 8 Plus Case | iPhone 8 case

Totalee is the best selling TPU's clear case. This case is completely transparent and shows your iPhone at the same time as protection. Uncomplicated design helps keep the case virtually invisible. Made of soft and rubbery material, this case is surprisingly protective despite its thin shape. The TPU used to make this case is not only durable but also helps to absorb shocks in the event of a fall. Connect this case with one of the Totallee screens to get a well-protected phone that still retains the original look. These clear cases are available for $ 29.


Color: iPhone XS Max iPhone case XS | Case for iPhone XR | iPhone Case for iPhone 8 Plus Case | iPhone 8 case

Totallee is also the thinnest leather case in the world. This is an updated and premium version of his regular case and goes for $ 39. Totallee managed to keep this case very thin by using his signature case as a frame and using the right skin on the back. They are made of genuine leather, each case has a unique structure that creates a light patina that only improves with age. By keeping the case without any logo, the minimalist design gets shiny and offers you extra protection that is both robust and sophisticated.

Totalle supports all of its suitcases with a 2 year warranty and supplies orders within 2 business days. The Money Back Guarantee allows you to test the case without risk to see if it is the super slim case you were looking for.

Totallee offers all the cases for all models that come to the iPhone 6. You can also get a free shipping of all orders by adding a second product to your cart, such as a hardened glass protector or a fully black nylon cable.

Totallee also offers a limited number of iPhone cases on Amazon. To see all the color options, go to the Totallee site.

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