Yes, I told Zahida to dissolve Umno because he is now so corrupt, says Dr. M-Nation

PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad (FIG) admitted that he had asked Umno President Datuk Seri Ahmed Zahid Hamidi to dissolve the party.

President Bersat said he did it because Umno was no longer representing his original principles and struggles.

"Honestly, Umno no longer exists, it's just a registered party, and its principles and struggles are no longer," he said in a video on his Facebook.

"What is the benefit of all the members remaining in the party that has left their fighting? It's just money-focused parties," cash is the king. "That's why Umno should be dissolved," he said.

Dr. Mahathir said that if Umno members want to join other parties (including Bersat), they should remove their "cash is the king" position, which caused Umno, who was previously invincible, to be hated by all Malaysian people.

"Before that, Umno never lost, lost because of corruption because of leaders who are more focused on money and cash than on their (real) fight," he said.

Dr. Mahathir also said that Bersat is not a party to "cash is a king" and does not accept those who think they will give them "opportunities" (to enrich themselves) when they enter the political party.

"We're working on religion, race, and country," he said.

Dr. Mahathir said that anyone who wants to join Bersat must show that they are not connected to Umno.

"They should support all the good deeds that Bersat has done, and when we feel satisfied with their behavior, we will accept them.

"They can not join a large group with the intention of taking control of Bersat," he said.

Mahathir responded to Zahid, who previously told an annual MIC delegation meeting that his meeting with the prime minister was a "loud and clear" message that Umno members must jump on the ship and join Bersat.

President Umno also said that his rejection of the "ship's jump" led to his being charged with corruption.

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