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A report by Lupe Esparza to Ramiro Delgado to end the Bronco conflict

So many The founders of the group were Delgado as Esparzawho has more than four decades of experience in phases; However, the Ramiro-cladist and accordionist were sure that the singer had not given him the appropriate treatment, especially after learning that he was suffering from blood pressure.

According to Delgado, it was with Esparza the problem of "treason"... The drop that spilled the glass was the last day we had the first March I felt bad, both he and his children, disappointed, all for my health problem. He even told me to go through my share of money and it's over. "

Esparza Weekend has been questioned on this issue before being presented in Monterrey, but just said that Delgado has no demand.

Also on the weekend The group decided to break the silence and issued a statement in which he said that Ramiro Delgado was always invited to the Bronco presentation and it is his decision whether or not to attend.

He also made sure that for years he has been trying to satisfy Ramira's needs to maintain a positive group environment.

"Representatives are trying to understand Ramir's last fears that haven't yet manifested." All financial information requested by Ramiro representatives has been received", reads the document.

The text ensured that For months, Ramiro did not appear at the Bronco concerts,

Towards the end of the communiqué in which it was recalled next June, the Bronco will be presented in the National Hall of the Mexican capital, Lupe Esparza sent a message to her friend:

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