Cemda blames that Dos Bocas refinery is not authorized

They point to the lack of environmental studies

The Dos Bocas refinery, Paraíso, Tabasco, is the third strategic project of the elected government that will be the subject of consultation with citizens without a prior environmental impact study.

In determining the future New Mexico International Airport (NAIM), which took place in October, gained the opportunity to build footprints in Basic area Santa Lucia, but there are no technical-scientific studies yet about their environmental impact.

Saint Lucia is nearing Lake Zumpango, a repository of migratory birds facing a degradation process due to the presence of human settlements and wastewater discharges.

The Mayan train, whose line is expected to pass Calakmul Biosphere Reservewill be submitted for consultation to citizens on 24 and 25 November, without first warning of the environmental consequences.

The Iron Ore initiative lacks mitigation measures to compensate for possible deterioration caused by the work.

"They do this on the contrary, the first thing to do is study on environmental impact, submit it for review, start a consultation and a public meeting, and then the authority will determine what is appropriate, but here we start the opposite," said Gustavo Alanis, founder of Cemda.

"In the case of the refinery they have already cleared, they have already dismantled, the damage and the ecological imbalance that you have already caused."

He warned that if the refinery project fails well, it would create a precedent for other initiatives of a nature to disregard environmental laws.

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