Consequences of cycling male sexual function: Your doctor

It has long been believed cycling it damages male sexual functions O urinary functionRecent studies, however, show that this is not the case.

The bikers for men they should stop worrying about whether their favorite activity will bring them sexual problemsor according to a physiological study.

Does cycling affect male sexual function?

Previously, it was believed that cycling damaged the sexual or urinary function of a person because of a position that creates prolonged pressure on the buttocks, the perineum, the area located between the bladder and the rectum.

However, a recent study published in Journal of Urology, shows that cycling does not hurt perineum more than any other sport like swimming or jogging.

According to Dr. Benjamin Breyer, author of the study and urology surgeon California University of San Francisco, cycling, whether for fun or as a means of transport, is becoming more and more popular.

Despite this, this activity was strongly criticized for believing its possible effects on male sexual function and urinary health.

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The latest study looked at 2774 cyclists, 539 swimmers and 789 runners.

All answers to questionnaires about sexual health, prostate symptoms, urinary tract infections, genital anesthesia and ulcers, among other factors.

Cyclists were asked about the type of bicycle, the type of seat, the angle, the frequency with which they wore the padded shorts and the time spent standing outside the chair.

Cyclists were divided into two groups: high intensity, ie cycling for more than two years, more than three times a week and an average of over 25 miles a day; and the low intensity group.

Consequences of cycling in sexual health

In particular, high-intensity cyclists have scored better erectile function than in the opposite group.

In this respect Dr. Brian Milesurologist Houston Methodist Hospital, ensures that the results of the study will reflect the everyday reality of your query.

"The erectile dysfunction, of course, it happens to men because they are aging for various reasons, but with cyclists their rate does not seem to be different from the average. "

He adds that this study will allow men who go on bicycles to continue to have no concerns about their sexual or physiological health.

Forget about myths and enjoy cycling to be healthy and healthy.

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