How are Oxxo and 7-Eleven similar? In which second field is not for the client

It seems that neither Daniel Alberto Rodríguez Cofré, CEO of FEMSA Comercio, Oxxo for friends, nor Fernando Castilla, his counterpart in Seventeenth Mexico, realized that nearly 18,000 first-line stores and 1800s second use a mailbox number 2 devices just to participate in their suppliers.

And yes, they have already realized and will not do anything because they are very simple: their priorities are different. I'm just asking: What? Continue growth at the expense of corner shops or stalls, giving greater priority to their administrative processes than to the crucial issue of customer service?

In the footsteps of consumers who experience extinct "comfort," the employees of both stores deal with accounts and other administrative tasks, while those who reproduce themselves in the same box as the water lily in the ice,

And if someone has a sense of complaint, he shrugs the treasurer's treasure to understand his translation into the finest Castilian: "Then do what you like."

Both chains boast an increasing number of services offered by their boxes. In the utility unit in which my neighbor, the Oxxo Executive, is transported, the number of services that its stores offer to consumers will appear in their doors: Over 30 and counting.

No doubt, commissions for the sale of postage time, payments or fees for similar and related services must not be much greater than their profits from the sale of shelf products, fast food and refrigerators.

The big deal with these services accessed by their cash registers is that they charge the customer, as well as the bank or the company that leased their seats as sales outlets. And all without spending money in distribution centers, distribution or supplies.

No one would be opposed to this business model if it was not to grow services to the store, they give the tower to their customers who are waiting for them up to 600% more time for the reasons given in my article Yesterday

No one should criticize them if flows flowed and have well-trained staff to do the first time for customer service, their administrative processes, such as the attention of suppliers in the second box, which is for the client only for decoration.

I asked Oxxo how many people work in their stores, among commissioners – who run businesses – and support people, and they told me that until yesterday, there were 129,000 in closed numbers.

This information was denied to me because it was "confidential" when I talked to the General Offices of the Seventh-Eleventh Mexico, but with a turnover / employee ratio it must be around 13,000.

These two "comfort" chain stores are now covered, but the customer's impact in this way could be at the top of the time bomb.

The subject gives much more. But I'll take care of it later.

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