How to embed a video as wallpaper on your Android phone

Who said wallpaper must be photos? This is also possible thanks to live wallpapers or animated Android backgrounds use videos as wallpapers on Android, although not factory: you need to install the application.

If you want to give your mobile a more animated touch and you can’t find any animated backgrounds that you like, you always have the option to use the app and use one of your videos as a background. We will tell you, cHow to set video as wallpaper in Android, very easy.

How to place video as background in mobile

Android does not allow you to embed a video as wallpaper, although you can use third-party applications to create animated backgrounds based on your videos. That is, the first step is install the application for that.

The best wallpapers for Android mobile devices

There are several apps on Google Play for using your own videos as wallpapers. We tried a few and we were left with Video Live Wallpaper, which is not the nicest, but it is free and allows you crop video to fit on cell phone, something that not all similar applications, and it significantly changes the quality of the result.

Video live wallpaper

Video live wallpaper

The application is very simple, although it has everything you need to embed a video as wallpaper. Once you open it, you have to press Select Video for select a video that you have already saved on your mobile phone. If you still don’t have the video on your mobile, you’ll need to download or transfer it to your mobile from another device.


After selecting the video will appear and you can cut out piece you want to use as wallpaper if it’s not the whole video. After editing, press the button with the image in the top bar and you will have a video wallpaper ready.

This will preview your Android wallpaper, where you can see the video in action. If everything is OK, press Apply and you’re done, even if you want to change other settings, you can press Settingswhich will take you back to the app.


The application has several video display settings. You can select a video snippet, enable or disable sound and choose whether the video fits on the screen or maintains the aspect ratio. This is an example of the result:

If you change your mind later and want to change some of the settings, you don’t have to repeat the whole process. Instead, open Video Live Wallpaper and the changes made will be applied immediately in backround.

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