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Hybrid Toyota RAV4 AWD-i, tested on snow for 34,800 euros

In January of this year we got behind the wheel of a new one Toyota RAV4 2019, but we have to thoroughly test the version with integrated ADW-i traction in sliding terrain. Maybe that's why this time Toyota has designed it for us on the snow.

I admit that my previous experience with the Toyota RAV4 was parked in second generationSince then, I have not been able to get behind the RAV4 wheel of the third, fourth or fifth generation, so I will ignore the comparison with previous generations.

This time it was with Toyota Madrid Xanadú, the shopping center is located on the outskirts of the capital, which has a single closed ski slope where you can ski all year round.

Considerable leap in sight

Upon arrival he was waiting for us at the entrance of RAV4. I keep looking at it while reading my first contact with my mobile phone, which my partner Alejandra did at the beginning of the year during the international model presentation.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD-i front

"Toyota RAV4 2019 reduces its length by 5 millimeters, but grows by 10 millimeters in width, as well as 30 millimeters in battle and reaches 2,960 millimeters", I've read in our previous article.

New dimensions are good for him, because at first glance the car looks much more robust, more honest, in line with what the customers of today's SUV segment are looking for.

In addition, many design licenses are allowed in the design section, which fully match the usual Japanese brand, or at least the usual few years ago, CH-R came to reprint some freshness. Toyota designs.

It doesn't seem to be a refrigerator with wheels and less in this Feel! proudly sports a two-color body, black wheels, wheel arches with slats, and a front and rear bumper with glossy black piano details.

Front grille Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD-i

The front also gained aggressiveness and personality, with a very sharp and angular grille, which I believe is due to its more horizontal than vertical shape responsible for making the car look less than before, even though it is 10 millimeters higher. free height to ground 190 millimeters (22 millimeters larger than fourth generation RAV4).

AWD-i, more powerful and efficient than FWD

According to Toyota, one of the main aspects leading customers to buy RAV4 is the highest level of security. The new model includes many control aids that enhance safety in all versions.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Awd

Integrated under the packaging Toyota Safety Sensewe are talking about adaptive speed control with automatic braking, a new pedestrian detector that adds nighttime function and cyclist detection, involuntary lane change warning with routing, traffic signal recognition, trajectory maintenance system, and Intelligent Road Light Control.

But many customers appreciate the ability to purchase a 4×4 version over a 4×2 system for security reasons. This has led to more than 30% of customers opting for a 4×4 version, which also allows them more freedom on the road and on low-grip areas.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD-i

The Toyota RAV4 AWD-i has increased performance, ranging from 218 HP front axle variants 222 HP in overall traction.

It is a new 4×4, AWD-i or intelligent all-wheel drive system. The key is small auxiliary electric motor Acts on the rear axle and increases 30% rear wheel torque, always controlled by the integrated AWD (AIM) control.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD-i

The fact is that the AWD-i version is something extra more effective than FWD. How could it be if it were to be heavier with an auxiliary engine? Well, because the battery-powered motor, located just in front of the rear axle, releases the motor 2.5 sufficiently.

The homogeneous CO2 emissions of Toyota RAV4 AWD-i are therefore 100 g / km, while FWD is 102 g / km, both in the NEDC cycle. If we go to net benefits, they also improve. The FWD ranges from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.4 seconds AWD-i in 8.1 seconds,

Toyota Rav4 Hybrid AWD-i in the snow

In addition, the Toyota RAV4 AWD-i has four FWD (Normal, Eco, Sport and EV) driving modes Trail, which uses a new automatic differential-slip differential control to ensure greater traction on areas with lower grip.

Powered by snow with Toyota RAV4 AWD-i

Everything was very nice on paper, but we came to test the system, and we were going to make a series of turns on a small road created on the Madrid Xanadu snow track.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD-i in the snow

The route was eight in shape and went Increase inclination As we progressed until we reached the point where we turned and did the opposite direction with the higher slope at the lower slope in the final section.

Toyota has equipped cars with tires for this occasion Winter toddler toddler (3PMSF)which, by the way, are not offered at the time of creation or in the front traction version, or in this case all-wheel drive, but can be equipped as a replacement if important help is needed to circulate on such a complex surface.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD-i Trail Mode The AWD-i versions add a specific Trail mode that improves grip and traction on sliding surfaces

I get on the Toyota RAV4 AWD-i and when I activate the Trail mode I go to a track that is automatically controlled difference limited slip to provide the best traction on sliding surfaces.

The first thing that hits me during the initial bars is smoothness which carries the whole. The 2.5-liter Atkinson gasoline engine with four-cylinder atmospheric cycle and direct injection combined with an electric motor located next to the rear axle pushes the car seamlessly, without transmitting many vibrations or noise.

Toyota Rav4 Hybrid AWD-i climbing in the snow

I'm making the first lap careful with the accelerator and trying to find out the road condition I even had at some point in the route iceWe were six degrees below zero.

Generally, it seems to me the whole they stick pretty welland both the ups and downs seem to catch more than I expected, so in the second round I decide to go a little more cheerfully.

Toyota Rav4 Hybrid AWD-i Softness is the first thing that stands out if you're not too unstable with the accelerator

The first section has slopes between 6 and 8 percent, and the car pulls without just a loss of gripIt rises with strength and still surprises me that the relative softness that carries the set.

It only changes when you start to face steeper slopes, such as 17% up. That change CVT, always present, getting clearer.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD-i traccionando in the snow

Slippery, the rise in turnovers, and the noise associated with this type of change, perhaps one of the worst in the market, are obvious, though I must say that I don't think it's so critical as in previous generations of CVT vehicles.

This is partly because the electric motor on the rear axle can send it much more torque, specifically 80% of the torque compared to the maximum of 60% that the fourth generation of RAV4 admitted.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD-i

In addition, the total number of pairs received increases by 30%, since 2004 by 30% 953 to 1300 Nm, which, according to Toyota, corresponds to or exceeds the torque achieved by mechanical systems such as the Land Cruiser system.

Thus, it shows a larger pull of the rear axle and it helps liberate slightly more to CVT, which may not be so striking.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD-i on the rise

All this theory translates into a sense of confidence in RAV4 driving on both ascent and descent, and we even allow licenses, such as a complete stop of the vehicle, by acting on a VSC member responsible for driving brakes and does it in control. very safe distance.

The last rounds and I made them even faster, I always enjoyed the magical feeling of driving a car that lets you skid because its grip coefficient has completely changed in the road under dry or wet asphalt conditions

The truth is, I had a great time because the car's systems are working properly, which keeps the pace high without excessive steering wheel and accelerator restraint. If it's like this in the snow, I have no doubt skills Travel through areas of dirt and mud that might occasionally face this SUV.

Prizes and Marketing Toyota RAV4 AWD-i 2019

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD-i rear

Toyota RAV4




EUR 31,800

€ 34,800


€ 34,100

€ 37,100


€ 35,700

€ 38,700


€ 38,300

€ 41,300

As the start-up version of AWD-i to our country, 500 Advance AWD-i units will be available € 1,000 discount, with a starting price of € 33,800.

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