judges receive a bonus for "physical exhaustion"

And in the catalog of the most popular awards we knew, we can find what the CDMX Judges at the Supreme Court of Justice, who opposed the rules of Jaimita the Postman and not "avoid fatigue," will receive 16.7 million pesos … what! Yes, this is the "For Physical Exhaustion" bonus amount.

According to Reform, each of the magistrates and counselors of the main court will have around 229,000 pesos, all behind the rifar in their checkers … or good, they are what they consider to be what they are doing.

According to those who commissioned the V-36/2018 Judicial Council, it is worthwhile for the fact that "physical, health and emotional exhaustion" is known for the performance of their functions. Now that they decide for a new owner …

The decision whether re-elected Alvaro Augusto Perez to re-chair the TSJ or Ben being chosen among the other candidates (Manuel E. Diaz Infante, Rafael Guerra Alvarez, Rosalba Guerrero Rodriguez and Celia Marin Sasaki) must be very tired … everything according to the grid that can be seen in this case.

However, not all judges and TSJ staff are patpachados in the same way. Therefore, there are complaints. "The appointment of the President of the Tribunal is completed in November, then they give them a bonus, they agree and give them a lot of things to vote for," anonymously complained one of those who apparently did not receive the bonus despite the fact that they liked it as big.

In short, you will find out if another administration is willing to cancel the bonus. Depending on what is written Reform, it is given every four years … just when you have to choose a new President of the Court.

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