Kate del Castillo gets naked for the Playboy magazine

Kate del Castillo he shared a dispute picture in social networks and it's his appearance on the cover of the magazine for gentlemen Playboy, where an actress is probably going on naked,

With more than 80,000 likes and thousands of comments, the Mexican will show his attributes for a famous magazine founded by the late magnate Hugo Hefner, who died last year.

Let's recall that the Queen of the South could return to Mexico this year to spend her holidays and that her lawyers had suggested that she not leave her drug dealer Joaquín Guzmán Loer after her scandal.

"You're like good wine, older you get a better body, but my comment is not offensive, but you're still beautiful Kate."

"I look forward to seeing you beautifully until you are cheerful."

"You're very nice Kate, and we congratulate you very much."

As if outside the daughter of Eric del Castillo, he is about to release the second season of the Queen of the South, so he started the year on his right leg.

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