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Mexican scientists create beneficial ice cream for the intestinal flora

Mexico City Mexican scientists have created a probiotic ice cream that restores the balance of intestinal microflora, reducing discomfort caused by colitis and also improving calcium absorption.

The beneficial effects of Saludatto, the name of the product, have been demonstrated by its creators of the Food and Development Research Center (CIAD) in laboratory tests, both in vitro and in mouse studies (in vivo).

In addition, sensory analysis was performed with chocolate-flavored ice creams with children and red fruits for seniors who also receive the benefits of their antioxidants. "In both cases, we have had a very good reception," says Dr. Wagner. Gabriela Ramos Clamont Montfort, research professor at CIAD Food Science Coordination and responsible for the project.

In an interview he says that the idea of ​​prebiotic ice cream responds to the tendency of functional foods, that is, to contain some element that helps prevent disease.

"At the beginning, you added vitamins and minerals to help with proper nutrition, but over time, the concept of functional products has developed and now medicines are being sought."

There have been several attempts to encapsulate probiotics or healthy bacteria to create Saludatta to restore the balance of the intestinal microflora or microbiota. Failure to observe the best conditions results in a risk of decreasing gastric resistance and adherence to the gut, which greatly reduces efficacy.

The specialist explains that as a result of what we eat, our intestines are unbalanced. So if you analyze the microbiotic of a person with autism, cancer, diabetes or other illness, they are different from the illness. What probiotic ice cream is looking for is to restore the balance of those who consume it.

CIAD specialists have registered a trademark and are working to protect the formula because, according to Dr. CIAD Ramos Clamont Montfort has converged stakeholders as a result of their presence in 2019 Northwest Binary Node (2019). NoBi) Made in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

"The experience with NoBi Noroeste has provided us with several tools and the ability to better understand the current needs of the population on which functional food technology is focused".

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