Mexicans integrate the first mission analogous to Mars

The team, composed exclusively of the Mexicans, will carry out a similar mission in Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), in the Utah Desert, United States.

The mission, called Mission of Exploration 1 (MEx-1), will be developed from 15 to 30 December 2018 and will be a number 201 program of similar missions coordinated by Mars, an organization that seeks to spread the benefits of the Mars exploration.

Space training will be supported Society of Anonymous ScientistsThere will be 6 crew members and the support and support team from Mexico Tania María Robles Hernándezová (Commander) who is a student of mechanical engineering.

The team consists of Juan Carlos Mariscal Gómez, computer engineer as CEO, César Augusto Serrano Baeza, mechatronics and mechanical engineer as engineer, Genaro Grajeda López, aerospace engineer as security and health officer, Federico Martínez Espinoza, mechatronics engineer and Aströnomo Crewman and Walter Obadías Calles Glass, an engineer in Communications and Electronics.

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