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On the day of the wedding day they go to the altar to La Tigresa del Oriente

Even the age difference, let alone criticism, was not an obstacle Juana Judith Bustos, better known as Tigres Eastto maximize your love Elmer Molocho, a man 46 years younger than she, with whom she decided to reach altar,

The secret of the bridegroom came to light and did not belong to another.

During their courtship they went through several reputation and the scandals that failed to break their commitment, however, the long awaited day of La Tigresa del Oriente came and on the verge of cursing eternal love in front of all, 26 years old planted on the altar.

Expected wedding of the year Peruthat was transmitted through broadcasting Magaly TV, company, ended in the worst print press because two journalists were among the participants who had previously poisoned Elmer's friend.

He then made his marriage to La Tigresa del Oriente: he would not marry until the reporters who dared to have another family with his former wife and children offered him an apology, withdrew his case and left the place.

Unfortunately it didn't happen and television cameras they witnessed the painful moment when Judith remained dressed and upset; After a moment nobody forgets, said the interpreter New Dawn & # 39;That doesn't affect me, I'm a tiger"


In order not to lose everything he spent, he decided to attend the guests, live with them as if nothing had happened. Although in social networks they all expressed their support.


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