Paris Hilton decided to break her with Chris Zylka | Entertainment

Businesswoman and DJ Paris Hilton seemed to be talking first about yours alleged rupture with Chris Zylka, which he expected in the winter to confirm truthfulness those rumors that began to spread just before the day, even if he did indirect and help words from another famous blonde.

"My favorite quote from Marilyn Monroe:" I think it all happened one reason People change so you can learn let her go Things will go wrong so you can appreciate them when they are doing well. You believe in a lie so you can finally learn trust only in themselvesAnd sometimes good things are over, so others the best can happen"& # 39 ;, showed very philosophically in your Instagram account.

The celebrity always felt and great affinity with an unfortunate Hollywood star with whom he shares not only his taste luxury and diamonds but also unhappy sentimental history. In the case of Paris, she was even threatened three times let it be known, including his unsuccessful relationship sentimental with the actor series "Residues", but on none of these occasions he met through the altar.

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His expected connection with an interpreter they lag behind last year with an excuse to be very busy with many projects professionals, through which between his circle close friends they already took it for granted that he would never be glorified after last date which were mixed – 11 from the same November– will be canceled eighteen hours.

"I did not want it never happensThey did not even have a party compromise and parents Chris did not recognize those from Paris. They decided postpone it for November, but without determination and new day None of them was surprised result Paris was abducted by the idea of ​​organizing a wedding, and she did not think never in part of the marriage. His with Chris it will never work"says the source of the People portal.

How dictated codes Behavior in the virtual sphere, the rich heiress has already ruled out all the traces of your ex His social networks after the conclusion of his love story probably does some weeks and is currently focusing on his support new perfume

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