Piratean electric scooters shout sexual things to their users

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At least eight Lime electric scooters had to be removed from Brisbane streets in Australia after they were hacked to say sex things and insults. Lime described the hack as "disappointing".

"Well, if you're going on my ass, please pull my hair out, okay?" He said one of the scooters after being unlocked, according to a video posted on YouTube.

"Don't take me there, I don't like to look at him", you can hear in another video published online

Video uploaded with channel seven Local TV and posted on Twitter shows a variety of scooters screaming pirate messages, some of which are difficult to decipher as everyone talks at once.

When customers ended their journey with one of the pirate scooters, the device said "Where are you going?", According to another video published before Lime learned of the attack.

That doesn't mean Lime didn't make it very fun.

"We are aware that eight Lime vandals in Brisbane, some vandals have changed audio files for inappropriate and offensive speeches," said Nelson Savanh, Lime Public Affairs Manager, Queensland, for the Brisbane Times.

"It's not clever and it's not fun, it's like they've changed the ringtone," Savanh said.

Lime scooters still work in the testing phase in Brisbane, where the international company has encountered several obstacles. In January, the wheels of their scooters began blocking and throwing the user through the air, some of which even broke the bones and needed points until a software update solved the problem.

And although this time it was just audio files, there are some concerns about scooter attacks that could be more dangerous. Zimperium security researchers have recently demonstrated that they can force a scooter to accelerate and brace with a Bluetooth-enabled application for over 100 meters. However, lime does not use the same scooter model used by Zimperium.

Users hack scooters around the world to speed up and get free trips. Other people are just interested in it add some chaos the world

After all, maybe Lime is lucky that Brisbane people are just hacking their scooters. Seen what they do with them in other places, it can be a lot, much worse,

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