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Successor PlayStation VR It will be among Sony's plans and will make the most of next-generation hardware: PSVR 2, The departure date is suspicious between 2020 and 2021 and may coincide with PlayStation 5.

It looks like another version PSVR It will require a lot of processing power, so its operation with the PS4 Pro may not be secured. Of course, it is said that this would be a significant leap in the PSVR specifications as in the case of already established virtual reality systems: Oculus Rift and HTC Vive,

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The PlayStation VR has not achieved the success Sony has made, particularly in the field of sales. The same Japanese company admitted this and said the virtual reality market was growing "below expectations".

In general, the entire virtual reality industry had some consensus about the expected sales volume that they actually achieved. Matt Conte, Oculus VR, said the size of the virtual reality market in 2018 is smaller than expected.

John Kodera, director of PlayStation, said at a corporate strategy meeting that the PS4 sales cycle began to decline. This is related to the decision Sony cancel your participation in the next E3 2018.

Marcus Sellars, one of the world's best-known videogames and consoles, said Sony has already sent PlayStation 5 to develop a large number of third-party companies already linked to the PS5 project. For more information on these developers, please see this note.

Development kits PSVR 2 They could also be a reality, but either their secrecy is rigorous or they are not yet part of these packages. The biggest question is whether PSVR 2 develops in close relationship with the PS5, or even if it comes after a few years after the console launch, as was the case for the first PSVR, launched three years after PS4.

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