Ramos Arizpe, the spoil of pollution

Good in the high and wind directions, Ramos Arizpe concentrates some of the pollution of the capital cities of Coahuila and Nuevo Leónand currently the municipality does not have air quality measuring equipment.

Santiago Barrios, Director of the Air Quality Department of the Ministry of the EnvironmentHe indicated that the problem is getting worse in the cold season because winds of time mostly travel from north to south, so they can accumulate pollutants washed out of Monterrey and add to those that have been obtained from Saltillo.

"Ramos accepts Saltillo, below meters; Air and pollution tend to go there. Ramos is contaminating receptor but from Saltillo, not so much from Monterrey, especially in the cold season.

Barrios indicated it Both Saltillo and Ramos share the same basin as Monterrey, but the difference in height helps not to reach Saltillo.

"We can get very small residues. What happens in any part of the world can affect us sooner or later, but we have a direct impact on the concentration of pollutants caused by Monterrey, ” t commented Barrios Rosillo.

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