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The battle that Walmart and Target win against Amazon

Walmart and Target are implementing measures for defense Amazon, a great giant e-commerce

Last year they took the first strike by increasing their workers' wages, their stores and even lower prices, Today is the battlefield in shipping times

Both companies optimized their operations Courier services, in front of its competitor in such a way that while Amazon offers the next day delivery service, Walmart and Target are already doing it day of purchase.

The implementation of this strategy has supported the recovery of both companies in recent quarters Increase online and branch sales.

According to some analysts, this measure has changed the game in the retail industry and enabled it couple with Amazon.

The magazine was explained by analyst John Zolidis Forbes why do you think investors would make a mistake to sell the company's shares Walmart and Target at this time

“It's tempting to think Amazon, investing $ 800 million in moving Prime to a 2-day delivery on a day-to-day delivery would put pressure on large retailers. However, this movement is not a surprise. We talk to el CEO of WalmartDoug McMillon, about it last October. He told us the van in same day and no delivery within 1 dayIt would be a real battlefield, ”he explained.

A sales error at this time is due to the current implementation of messaging and merger services in 2006. t Online sale with traditional.

As explained Forbes, the union has provided an important advantage to Walmart and Target because they both have stored product short distance from the vast majority of the population. t United States, In this regard, the fact that it is virtually nonexistent neighborhood in a country that does not have Walmart.

This chain of department stores is also an installation self-service collection areas in all their stores. Target offers similar services and the installation of dedicated counters to make it easier for customers to catch things on their way home or after. pick up kids from school.

Dynamics shows that local business complements online business because buyers now place orders to pick up goods at the nearest store as long as Save shipping costs and maximize lead times.

Amazon said this week it will invest USD 800 million in the current quarter shorten delivery times for large customers one day instead of twoto revive its core business in e-commerce and face competition.

The announcement came after the digital retailer announced on Thursday that earnings for the first quarter analysts' estimates, which shows that the company 's approach to advertising and other high-profit trades continues to bear fruit.

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