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The interbank dollar divides the floor of 19 pesos

TOWN OF MEXICO Mexican peso start a "right foot" week against the current signal found from the outer context and the uncertainty generated The issue of distribution internal fuel

The interbank dollar It runs at 18.97 units, which is not a minimum from October 17, 2018 at 11:25 in Mexico City. On this day, the peso gains 0.91 percent based on information from Bloomberg.

On the bank window, the dollar sold at 19.30 units, less than 19.45 units, which announced the closure of Citibanamex on Friday.

Exchange rate weight with dollar this Monday touches the maximum at 19,2055 units at 5:07 am, while the minimum is listed at 18,9637 at 11:22 on the wholesale market.

The Mexican currency reduces the distance to the dollar due to the key level of support in the area 19 units, despite the uncertainty and tension caused by fuel shortages in some states of the Republic of Mexico.

The main driver of Mexican peso renewal is Weakness of the dollar in the international market, a situation that makes it possible to resist the sale of property with a greater risk observed in an international context.

An index that measures the dollar's performance against a ten-dollar basket will drop by 0.21 percent.

In the external environment, defensive stance prevails due to signs of weakness external sector in China and the extended partial closure of the North American Government.

Asian giant exports and imports declined 4.4% and 7.6% last December, raising concern growth of the global economy.

On the other hand, they are also negatively affected by signs of weakness in the export sector in China prices of raw materials, especially oils.

Oil prices in Western Texas dropped 1.05 percent to $ 51.05 a barrel, while Brent dropped 0.91 to $ 59.92.

Internally, it is great that the auction expires expiration exchange of hedges, with a term of 59 days, demand was one billion dollars, five times higher than 200 million offered.

The course represents key support in 19 units in the wholesale market. While resistance is at 19.70 units.

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