The students “stood up” to the teacher on the movie afternoon; only one attended a virtual session

The teacher organized an afternoon of films and his students set it up (Video: TikTok @ soyariellara)

Incidents during online courses have become more frequent. Educational institutions around the world have since had to adopt digital platforms in order to continue to contribute to student learning A coronavirus pandemic prevented a personal session.

On social media this Monday a video of this nature has become viral. It was a special session at which the teacher would allow his students to relax for a while and enjoy the premiere of the new film SpongeBob; however, the students did not like the idea and only one of them attended the meeting.

In your TikTok account @soyariellara revealed incident details. The story began with a shot from his computer, which projected images of a feature film and accompanied it by the caption: “My teacher canceled the class so we could all see Bob with him because he had no one to see him with.”

He later added several screenshots of the WhatsApp conversation, where the teacher reported the details of the activity.

In them you can read the following message allegedly sent by the teacher: “Good afternoon, everyone, I need to let you know about one thing the class is talking about right now. I’m canceling the class today so we can see SpongeBob together. “

The teacher decided to cancel the online class so that he could watch the new SpongeBob film with his students (Photo: Screenshot / Twitter)
The teacher decided to cancel the online class so that he could watch the new SpongeBob film with his students (Photo: Screenshot / Twitter)

The teacher noted that several of his students appreciated the gesture, adding: “You deserve it, enjoy it.” By the way, I’ll let you draw your favorite scene digitally. “

Then the student stated it was the only one who attended the virtual session, expressed his affection for the teacher.

Internet users did not stop responding to the video and sympathized with the teacher’s feelings. “Okay, I’m being pushed by something I just found out. How a little mother of students who let a teacher stand to see SpongeBob doesn’t suck if they didn’t want to see her, they’d say it and wouldn’t let him stand.”said one of them.

Others were stricter, even wishing the absent students would fail: “Ah, don’t suck, I won’t be able to sleep because I’m thinking of him. a teacher who stood up to see the film Sponge Bob. I hope those guys fail the semester and fuck your mother every time you breathe “

“Fucking people gives me courage. Students who stopped seeing only SpongeBob teachersthose boys who said there was a class and made him get lost. Neta cried with impotence. “, Commented another netizen.

During the online course, the student was caught by his teacher while sleeping (Video: Twitter @ tatiana__aaa)

Last September, while another teacher taught virtual classes, digital media captured another event. During the preparation of the session, his teacher was caught sleeping.

Via a video posted on Twitter by @tatiana__aaa she shared the teacher’s reaction. Some might think that a student was reprimanded for his behavior; but reality has shown something else.

While the teacher explained a number of points with a blackboard in the background, one of the participants in the session appears to be lying and wrapped in blankets. At that moment, the teacher shouts Ale Sebastiaaaaan and immediately puts his hand to his face.

“I thought it only happened on TikTok”the professor added, and at the same time his endless laughter echoed in front of the camera. Meanwhile, the student’s image disappeared a few seconds after it was taken.


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