Three Sub-20 is the Premier League finalist in the United States

The U-20 Mexican team suffered, but eventually won a ticket to the final of the CONCACAF Premundial conference, coming from behind and winning 2-2 with Panama in the H matches.

Ernesto Walker moved to the Central American table with notes in minutes 34 and 45, but Daniel Lopez, punishing 53 and Diego Hernandez, at 61, gave Tri to par.

This resulted in a Mexican team of four units, as well as the Panamans who have the same difference with the +1 goals, but with one less warning for the Aztec table, which puts the first place in this sector and the duel for the title.

His opponent in the final will be the United States, which yesterday beat 1: 0 on his similar Honduras.

Maybe the 2020 World Cup ticket in Poland released Mexico a bit, which had a very complicated first half in which it quickly fell on the board.

Together with a low level of performance, the disciples of Diego Ramirez faced the set canalero who offered the first half almost perfect, with quick touch of the first intention and it earned him 2-0.

After injury, Coach Diego Ramirez ordered Diego Hernandez to change his face to his team.

Mexico managed to shorten the distance in 53 minutes through Daniel Lopez.

With full control of the game came the tie on 61 & # 39 ;, in the game in which Diego Lainez on the right turn he made the mark and brought Diego Hernandez, who made the ball with the right one at the top.

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