Three tricks of a great nutritionist effortlessly lose weight

That's no secret lose weight It's a very difficult process. If you want diet The first thing you should do is mentalize yourself and not be discouraged. Good feeding and daily exercise will help you fight against Obesity

But if you're a little lazy and the effort isn't going with you, Ricky Hay, nutritionist, showed three tips that might bring you kg more of your hips without getting excited. Register?

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Do you want to improve your metabolism, strengthen bones and sharpen your mind with every meal? Follow these tips and get it fast

If you are one of those who do not fulfill what they promise And you are tired of modes prone to achieving rebound effect once finished, so you end up weighing more than when you started, pay attention.

Solution: glycemic chromium

tastes They are often the biggest obstacles in the way of a successful weight loss process. Maybe you went to the gym, ate a healthy breakfast, but if you take the whole bag of buns in the office, you've lost your battle. Not only is it more difficult, but also can psychologically affect youWhen we give up the whims, we consider ourselves weak, so we throw a towel and eat more. What would happen if we could reduce or get rid of them?

The answer is chromeIn fact, it is crucial when it comes to this subject. Glycemic control is a medical term that indicates a stable blood sugar level. This mineral improves this control by acting on our insulin receptors, the hormone the body uses to process glucose.

There are a number of foods that, thanks to their organoleptic properties, can be very useful when the goal is to lose weight or control weight

Glucose excess is not processed properly they become fat and will be stored in tissues that are not suitableEssentially, this means that chromium can keep sugar levels constant by preventing them from growing, causing an unpleasant hunger feeling and possible weight gain.

Meat, whole products, fruits and vegetables They are considered good sources of this mineral. Research has shown that broccoli has a high content of oranges and apples. However, it is important to remember that the amount of food can affect agricultural and production processes. “Eating a balanced diet several processed meals This can help you meet chrome requirements, ”says Hay.

Intermittent fasting

This nutritional plan is a type of diet that consists of reduce food intake. They are usually offered two options: one in which twelve-four hours a day is allowed to eat twelve and the other twelve not; and a more radical version known as 16: 8 in which food is accepted only eight hoursThere are also those who bet on specific models such as permanent 24 hours without biting (though drinking) once a week.

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Forget about counting calories or reducing carbohydrates, checking your weight can be something as simple as eating less hours a day

Beyoncé, Liv Tyler, Hugh Jackman and Ben Affleck they support this simple mode in which you can take advantage of sleeping hours. The longer the time and the shorter the window to eat, the more rest you give the system. Keep in mind that All calories must be ingested during this period. It doesn't matter how much fat you drink if it is at that time. Of course, for the next sixteen hours you won't be able to taste a bite (calm, water yes).

Add cinnamon

There is A series of foods that, depending on their organoleptic characteristics, can be very useful when it is a goal lose weight or control weightThis does not mean that by taking them automatically, you will lose these kilograms because it depends mainly on calories which are accepted and those that the body needs.

Cravings are the biggest obstacles in the way of a successful weight loss process. Forget processed foods and you'll be better off

However, some ingredients may help to cope with hunger or take more or less energy foods and cinnamon It's the perfect spice for this task. It has the ability to reduce the rate at which glucose enters the blood, especially those obtained from food, as reflected in a study published in 2011 in Plants Food for Human Nutrition.

You can increase ours feeling full and help us go hungry when we follow a hypocloric diet. However, to take advantage of all these benefits, it is necessary to use daily between 1 and 6 grams of said spice, which is equivalent to a maximum of two spoons. You know, replace sugar for this plant.

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